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"Work your light" oracle reading: 19 - 25th October

This week, we're in the post-new moon vibes of the waxing moon. The energy of the super moon is still with us and as the moon starts to be seen sliver by sliver we can start to draw in the intentions we made at the new moon. The reading today is all about this energy and how we work with the waxing moon to co-create our intentions.

On Thursday the sun moves from Libra into Scorpio - the sign of the scorpion. Which sounds scary, and definitely Scorpio season isn't for the faint hearted. However, Scorpio offers us the opportunity of transformation. If we can really be with our emotions and feel them, we can see that they are 'energy in motion' and can see how we can shift that energy to something we want to invest our energy in. Its about honouring the emotions and then transmuting that energy to something which supports us. The depths of our emotions may feel like the sting of the scorpions tail, and they can be deadly if what comes up for us is aspects of ourselves we need to let go of and allow to die. But in death there is rebirth, we can be reborn anew to be the person we really are. If we can lean into the emotions, really honour and accept them, we can then see how we direct that energy - and that is magic - transforming energy from one thing into another.

I created the questions for this week because I felt that these were the questions that wanted answering. I think how the questions are answered by the cards creates a really lovely flow or story and you can see how the energy shifts through the cards. Its Scorpio energy in action.

The questions are:

  1. What is the quality of the energies/our focus now?

  2. How can we best work with these energies to manifest or co-create our (new moon) intentions?

  3. What actions can we take to best support us this week?

  4. What opportunities await us this week?

  5. How can we align to ensure we are being our most empowered selves?

The cards are:

  1. Unbound - releasing soul patterns, contracts and past lives

  2. Trust the niggle - what is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?

  3. Take a break - A life's work, not a season. Get off the treadmill

  4. Lemuria - Creating heaven on earth. It's happening

  5. Mirror - Who or what is triggering you?

The energies for us right now, or our focus is on releasing old patterns, old stories, ancestor beliefs, past life contracts, old karma which don't serve us now. Scientists have discovered that we really do pass on our fears, doubts, beliefs in our DNA to our children, grandchildren and so on. You can be holding beliefs, fears, responses which aren't yours but were created by situations your ancestors faced. And yet you will react when triggered based on what is in your DNA. It may be hard to figure out what that is, but when you react in a way that doesn't seem to add up in terms of your own life experience, for example a phobia of spiders but you've not seen any large spiders ever or ever had a bad experience with a spider, this can point to something which you've inherited. We also adopt our parents beliefs as they pass these on when we're children in how they bring us up; and the same with society as it constantly bombards us with messages that we're not good enough as we are and need the latest thing to be happy. The energies we're working with this week is to bring attention to where we're holding old patterns, old habits, old beliefs, old stories about ourselves, about the world, about our family, about society, which aren't actually ours, which aren't our truth, which no longer serve in the 21st century. Start to notice when you react to things, and see whether this comes from your lived experience or whether it was something you've inherited or absorbed from somewhere else. And then see whether your reaction really chimes with your truth or whether you need to develop a new pattern, habit, belief, reaction.

And we can lean into these energies and start to bring awareness to our unconscious patterns through trusting ourselves, our intuition, our instincts. Our bodies are amazing stores of information. Unprocessed emotions and events get stored as pain in our bodies. When we listen to where we're holding physical discomfort and pain, we can start to see where it might have come from. Our bodies also sense when we're in danger or when something isn't right for us. This is where the idea of hairs standing up comes from - its our body giving us signals that something isn't right. It's doing this all the time but often we rationalise it away and ignore the signals. If we start to listen to what our body is telling us - where we holding tension or pain, when something is feeling off, or not right, when the hairs stand up, when something niggles - lean in and listen to it.

A really great way to start to listen to ourselves, and to release what isn't ours and isn't serving us, is to take a break. When we take a break we can slow down and start to pay attention. Taking a break also helps us to recognise the journey we're on and how far we've come, take some time out from all we're creating and doing to listen and connect to beauty. This card is a really lovely card with the waxing moon in it an the lovely moroccan/moorish style windows. Taking a break can come in a variety of forms - its really what works for you to allow you to slow down, breathe, come back to yourself. It might be a bath, or walking in nature and connecting to the trees, it might be meditation or yoga, it might be a holiday, or some time to yourself in a coffee shop or a massage. It might be creating or listening to music, singing in the shower. Whatever bring you joy, bring you release, brings you rest and brings you back to listening to you.

The opportunities which await us this week are to see that heaven really is already on earth. In every moment, every day, heaven is being created on earth. Your opportunity this week is to see it. Look for beauty in each moment - in nature, in animals, in the face of another, in your own face. Create beauty in your life, we have the opportunity to see beauty everywhere if only we look for it rather than seeing all that's wrong. Yes the world can look very topsy turvy, and many things may appear to be at breaking point. But by connecting to beauty and choosing to create beauty in our lives we start to reverse what may seem dominant in the world at this time. We have the opportunity to choose how we show up - where we direct our energy, where we direct our time, where we direct our finances - and to choose to connect to love, connect to justice, connect to joy and be part of creating heaven on earth through seeing and creating beauty.

And we come full circle with the final card, back to unbounding ourselves from what's not ours and what doesn't serve with the invitation to align with our most empowered selves by looking in the mirror. What is triggering you right now? What's pressing your buttons and getting you worked up? What's annoying you, frustrating you, making you angry? Who is? What are they doing what is really getting you hot under the collar? Take a moment to notice when this happens and ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are? And turn the question inwards because whenever we feel like this its because there is something in us that needs healing, that needs to be seen, that needs to be accepted, loved and owned. Every trigger, every angry, fed up, frustrated, anxious moment is an opportunity to see ourselves more clearly - both the shadow and the ligh,t and to see where we are holding patterns, stories, habits, beliefs, thoughts which come from our fearful, unloved, hidden, unaccepted places. It gives us the opportunity to parent ourselves, to see ourselves, to accept ourselves and to release what itsn't ours, what isn't serving, what no longer works for us. In doing this we really begin to listen to our bodies, to our souls, to our emotions, to lean into what is there for us, even if its hard, even if it stings like a scorpion, so that we can heal, renew and rise again more truly and honestly ourselves, in all our light and shadow.

This week's classes we are exploring the negative mind, or the 'no' mind. Its the part of us which keeps us safe, which has our spidey senses working, which is our niggle. But when it goes into overdrive we shut ourself off from experiencing life because we're so afraid. And when we don't listen enough to our 'no', we can have unhealthy boundaries. In exploring this mind we will bring balance to create healthy boundaries so that we can open up to being our true selves, so we can look in the mirrors and see the light and shadow and accept all that is there with love.

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