Personal in-depth support

Do you feel like something needs to change but not sure where to start?  Perhaps you are feeling unsettled, uncertain of the future and want guidance?  Maybe you have something you know isn't working for you but are unsure how to fix it?  Maybe you have an issue or problem you want to work on to improve?  Perhaps you'd like an overall tune up, something to help you get on track? If you want to heal, increase your overall health and wellbeing, then maybe a private, tailored session is for you.

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"Thank you so much.  You are a really kind, gentle and strong teacher.  I've just had a bath and my chest, back and lungs feel very strong, like the whole area has opened up and expanded"

- Sarah


What I offer

Fully bespoke and specialised service for you based on your needs and what you're looking for, wanting to achieve.  

We will have an initial consultation where you explain to me what you need, what you're looking for, and together we will develop a package which suits you.  

This can include:

  • Personalised yoga kriyas and meditations which I will work through with you

  • Yoga and meditation plans for you to follow at home

  • Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advice, including dosha assessment

  • Intuitive channelling using tools such as tarot and oracle cards, and numerology

  • Personal ongoing support via email and zoom

We can hold the session(s) in my lovely yoga sanctuary in South London, at your home, at another venue of your choice or online via zoom.

​Price will be dependent on the number of sessions and time needed and will be fully discussed and agreed at the initial consultation.  

Book online for a free consultation to explore this further.