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New moon in Cancer reading

It's been a month exactly since my last blog post. And wow, so much has happened! So much has been unwound, healed, released, drawn in, manifested, re-aligned, created, loved, experienced. And we continue - the momentum is building, the busyness is increasing, the opportunities are appearing, the reset and rethink keep happening.

We are in a time of great change and transition. We are in a time of transformation, of creating a whole new world, a whole new era. We are in a time where the old is falling away, it is crumbling, falling apart. It can feel confusing, chaotic, strange, fearful, worrying, uncertain, unknown. But we are here for this time. To bear witness, to support the creation of the new, to be here for this great transformation. So resilience and courage are needed, in whole new levels, so we can not only be here and show up for this time, but to create the new, in the face of all we know falling apart.

This is not a time to check-out, to disconnect, to run away. This is a time to check-in, be present, and find our way through the moments of flow and pause. To find that rhythm. The rhythm of our breath - pause and flow, pause and flow. This pendulation between polarities, in small doses, allows us to find greater resilience without needing to check-out.

This is the overarching message of the cards for this new moon reading. We are in a time when much can be drawn in, new opportunities, much can be manifested, much can be co-created. The new is being birthed. But only if we are ready, only if we can let go of what no longer aligns, if we can really trust in our truth, in our love, in our path and call on others for support.

I felt drawn to use the Work Your Light oracle deck today, after a time away from them. I really love the images on these cards, and how they connect to our intuition, our inner sense, inner knowing.

The questions & cards are:

  1. What is the quality of this time/my intention? - Starseed

  2. How can I manifest for my highest good? - Align your life

  3. What do I need to do to ignite the magic of my intentions? - Break the chain

  4. What action do I need to take to co-create for my highest good? - Trust your path

  5. What is the likely outcome of this intention? - Deep replenishment

  6. What do I need to do to course correct for my highest good? - Soul family

This is a time of great awakening to our truth, our paths, our joy. We are being called to what lights us up. What gives you joy, energy, passion, love? These things are arising in you, but so often we quieten them, ignore them, avoid them out of fear of "what if" - it doesn't work out, I fail, I lose everything? These are totally understandable questions, but we are being asked to feel those fears, and to walk towards what lights us up anyway. We are here to raise our own awareness, our own consciousness, and the consciousness of the planet. Playing small and safe is not what is called for right now. We need to tap into our courage, our will, our determination, our positive minds, and to put one step in front of the other towards what lights us up. Maybe we can't see how to get there. And that's ok. Just commit to one small act, one small thing towards it each day. And soon these small things will start to add up.

This is a time of great and easy manifestiation. So much is available. It is faster and easier to manifest than ever before. But what is holding us back from manifesting our dreams, our path, the new is our holding on to things which are out of alignment with where we are now. Who we are now is very different from who we were before. The world is different. And yet we hold on to old dreams so often out of fear of letting them go means we have nothing. We think we still want those old dreams, but even if there are qualities of the old dreams still there - what we want has changed because who we are has changed. What matters to us, what is important, what our values are have now changed. We need to let go of the old dreams, without the promise of the new. We need to let go of our old selves, our old values, our old priorities, our old ways of doing and being - and be ok with the emptiness, the darkness, in order that we can draw in what aligns with us now. Once we are in alignment with our truth that is now, not yesterday, we can manifest more powerfully, more fully, more quickly than ever before. This is that place of flow - when we let go of the control (which we never really had anywyay), and allow the river to take us in the flow of where we need to go. Stop trying to figure it out, stop trying to plan and manage and organise. Let go. Let the river take you the way of your heart.

We can ignite the magic of our intentions, our manifestations, our creations, our joy, by healing. The creative journey is a healing journey. We heal as we create. We heal by breaking the chains of letting go of the old. The ancestral, that which isn't even ours but has been passed down in our DNA, in our social and cultural conditioning, in the repeated family stories, repeated so often they feel like truth, but are actually things which aren't for us, but we have inherited. We can thank them for their learning, and all they've given us, we can bless our ancestors for all their work and the shoulders we now stand upon, and then choose to let go of old habits, patterns, conditioning which isn't for us anymore. You can choose a different path, a different future, a different journey from that which was set out for you before birth. In choosing a different path, in consciously choosing different habits, patterns, beliefs, stories, truths, we can write a new story, a new habit, a new pattern for the future.

So often we get caught up in trying to figure out what's next, what we're doing, where we're going, how we're getting there, when we're getting there...and in the process worry, fret, get anxious, get fearful, and play it safe and small. It's not our job to figure all that out - no wonder it has us worrying! Our job is to put out our intentions, to vision our future, and then allow the universe to co-create it with us. So often the reality of how our life happens, when it happens, where it happens, how it happens is beyond what we could imagine, what we could figure out, what we could do on our own. But just because we can't imagine it doesn't mean it isn't already happening. We need to trust our path. Trust our truth, our heart. Allow the head to follow our heart's lead, rather than lead from the head, which can only create from what is knows of the past. Our heads can't create a future which doesn't yet exist. If we create from our heads then we re-create the past, because our heads only have the past to go on. If however, we create from our hearts - from our joy, our love, our openness, our vulnerability, our pain, then we can vision a new. Once we have this, we can set our minds to work to support the vision of our hearts. So trust your heart, keep putting one small step in front of the other to create the vision you have. Even if you can't see the way, even if you can't see how to get there, even if it seems impossible...take one small step. Maybe that step is taking care of yourself today, being gentle and kind to yourself. Maybe it's a small step to saving up some money, maybe its setting an intention and creating mantras you can repeat to yourself. Maybe its creating some confidence and self-worth. Whatever it is - take one small step towards it today and give yourself whatever you are needing today, as an investment in your big crazy unbelievable vision. And soon you'll find the big, crazy, unbelievable is actually happening.

The likely outcome of this journey is you'll find yourself in a place of deep healing, deep rest, deep nourishment. You'll find it leads you to a place where you can recharge and refill yourself. We are giving out so much at the moment, and we are running low, or on empty. We are coming to a place of rest and replenishment. Know that by doing the work, checking-in, releasing what no longer aligns and what isn't yours, healing the past, and following what lights you up - it will lead you to healing, nourishment, and deep rest. Trust this is the case. Set down your burdens, take some rest, and refill yourself again. We need to pendulate between these states - flow and pause, flow and pause.

You can course correct to bring even more alignment by calling in help and support. From those people who get you, who are your kind of weird. Get help in the physical and spiritual realms. From professionals, from friends, from family, from healers, from your ancestors, your angels, and anyone at all who is in your support team. You don't need to do this all alone. When we're healing deeply, we often need extra support - give this to yourself. When we deeply replenish, we often need someone(s) to hold that healing space for us. Give yourself this. Whatever it may be, however or whoever it is that shows up for you. Ask for support and then be willing to receive it - however it shows up. You are not alone, you don't need to do it all by yourself - call in the support and allow yourself to receive it.

Classes this week and next will support you with these energies coming in - to release what no longer serves and draw in your highest manifesting and abundant powers. Classes are now in Pop Brixton & online on Mondays at 7pm, online on Wednesdays at 5.45pm and at Calm Collective, Sidcup on Saturdays at 8am. Info and booking links on the website.

The end of next week sees us come together for the healing yoga retreat in Glastonbury. This will be a beautiful time of rest, connection, raising vibrations and releasing what no longer serves in the earth's heart chakra - Glastonbury. There are still a couple of spaces if you'd like to join - do get in touch to discuss it.

Sending you so much love in this beautiful, emotional, nurturing, abundant, mothering Cancerian new moon.

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