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Private retreat chef

I have been working in yoga and meditation retreats since 2019 as a chef.  I offer vegan and vegetarian food and can work to the retreat or host requirements.  I believe that food is a fundamental part of a good retreat and will work to ensure that the food matches the approach of the retreat, offers nourishment, support, healing and deliciousness.  I am passionate about good flavourful nutritious and delicious food where the vegetables are allowed to shine.

I have an interest in ayurveda and have a qualification in ayurvedic nutrition and cooking from Greens Ayurveda in Kerala, India.  I have also cooked in ayurvedic kitchens and seek to bring an ayurvedic approach to my food with balance for all constitutions. 


As a yoga teacher myself, running my own retreats (and bringing in external chefs), I know how important food is to the success of retreats, and what is needed from the food based on the different practices offered.  I also bring my spiritual practices to the kitchen and like to practice mindfulness with my cooking, as a believe that food offered with love, care, focus and presence is most nourishing to the body and the soul.  I may also play mantras in the kitchen when I'm working, if this is suited to the retreat.  I believe the mantras support my own wellbeing and offer powerful vibrations to the food.  

I am available to work freelance as a regular chef in a retreat location, or to work with teachers and hosts on individual private retreats.  My prices can include sourcing and ordering food for retreats or I can use what is already available at the retreat centre.  My preference is to offer locally available, fresh, seasonal and organic (where available) food.  


Suggested menus

I will work with you to create a menu that fits your retreat requirements.  Menus can be really flexible and I can provide anything from one meal a day to three meals plus snacks.  These menus are all vegan and gluten free.  I can also adapt to any other dietary needs. This is to give you some ideas.  

I can make all sauces, jams, butters, yoghurts, milks and breads from scratch although this takes more time, so is factored into the cost.  I can also make simple cheese such as paneer or labneh (vegetarian, not vegan).  


Full board

This is breakfast, lunch and dinner plus mid morning and afternoon snacks.  

Breakfast: Chia berry parfaits 

Snack: Red pepper and courgette muffins

Lunch: Green bean red lentil dhal, Mushroom pilau rice, Aloo Ghobi, homemade spiced tomato chutney, raita & carrot and peanut salad

Snack: Vegan truffles

Dinner: Roasted vege moussaka, Greek salad, Fava bean dip, Homemade tzatziki, Flat breads, and Greek 'cheese' cake


Brunch and more

This is with brunch and dinner being main meals plus snacks.  This option provides more flexibility to your activity scheduling

Snack: Ginger tea & banana bread

Brunch: Smokey tomato beans, sweetcorn (or sweet potato) fritters, homemade guacamole, green bean & potato salad, homemade granola, yoghurt & fruit salad

Snack: Savoury butternut squash tart slice

Dinner: Thai green curry, coconut & coriander rice, vege summer rolls, homemade sweet chilli sauce, green papaya salad, carrot halwa 


All about brunch

This is a simpler approach of one main meal in the day (time is your choice) with self service homemade bread, granola, fruit, yoghurt, jams, nut butters and homemade smoothies throughout the day

Brunch: Spiced tofu scramble with garlic & chilli mushrooms, American style buckwheat pancakes with chocolate sauce and berry coolis, Apple and banana muffins, homemade granola, yoghurt, fruit salad plate, fresh fruit smoothies, homemade breads, homemade jams, nut butters, and tapenades

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