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Yoga and meditation, for me, are tools and techniques to awaken, heal and live the life you came here to live.  All that I offer focuses on supporting and enabling healing for you, with an emphasis on balancing the whole body and all the systems within it that interact with each other to promote health, intuition, trusting yourself, a sense of calm and grounding; and integration.   I offer a mix of tools including breath techniques, mindfulness, sound and mantra, physical postures, rhythms and repetitions, hand positions and focus and concentration techniques.  

Tools I use include kundalini yoga, yoga nidra, womb yoga, mindfulness techniques, Buddhist meditation, sound healing and mantra chanting

Yoga classes

Dharma Health Club, Chapel Lane, Worthing

Flow & yoga nidra: Mondays 6.15pm

Sunrise yoga & meditation: Fridays 8.30am (45 mins)

In person classes at Dharma, right in the centre of Worthing.  A really beautiful and restful space, small classes, beautifully curated. Yoga nidra to help you rest and relax at the start of the week, and sunrise yoga to help you start your weekend right.    

Option for drop in or membership packages

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