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Lionsgate portal new moon in Leo Goddess reading

Well this is a potent new moon, and I am trying something here of providing the card reading ahead of the date rather than the nearest Monday, to see if this provides more support and relevance to you.

The new moon is in Leo - the sign of courage, bravery, of the heart, of living fearlessly. Of shining your light without caring what others think. It's also the sign of the ego - where if we are controlled by our fear, it overshadows our heart and we let the ego mind take decisions on what is best for us, rather than following our heart's desires. Because this is the sign of knowing our heart's truth, following our path regardless of what others say, and having the courage to stand in our light and the courage of our convictions. However, the flip side of this is living in fear, which comes from the ego mind.

Will you let your heart shine the way for your on your path? Will you drop your fears, your ego, your anger, resentment and anything which is weighing on your heart? And will you courageously step into your light, and live your truth?

This new moon sets us up for the rest of the year. Its a time of reflection, contemplation, celebration of all you've achieved so far this year, of all you have become, all you have released and all the new you have created. It is Lammas - the celtic time of the first harvests. What are you harvesting now, that you planted earlier in the year, or last year? And as we look to the ripening of fruit, and preparation for autumn harvests, what do you need to nurture, where do you need to place your energy, for the coming months?

What is holding you back from harvesting all you've worked on? What is limiting you? What do you need to release to draw in the new? What is no longer aligned? No longer serving? It is a great time for reflection, relaxation, celebration, fun and remembering your essence, free of social conditioning, social expectations, family expectations, your own...How can you create more freedom in your life?

The cards speak to these themes - of remembering cycles and timing, of coming together in community, and remembering we are all connected, of allowing ourselves to come into the flow of the cycles of all of life. When we do - when we co-create with intention, with conscious awareness, knowing we are connected to all, then magic happens, and we are reborn. Living like this calls for fearlessness, for courage, for an open heart, and curious mind, and a willingness to learn, to study, to master whatever our heart's passion is.

The questions are:

  1. What do I need to know about the quality of my current intention?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How, can I course correct to be in alignment with my intention for my highest good?

The cards are:

  1. Nyx, Secrets, 39 = 3

  2. Ishtar, Communion, 23 = 5 (A)

  3. Green Tara, Salvation, 17 = 8

  4. Rhea, Flow, 43 = 7

  5. Morrighan, Death and Magic, 37 = 10

  6. Saraswati, Mastery, 44 =8

The two 8s in this reading bring in life force energy, our prana, our breath. This is about movement, flow, energy. This reading calls for us to come together in community and to learn, study and devote ourselves to our path for the benefit of our life force.

Nyx comes to say that the quality of our intention is a not knowing, secretive, unclear sense right now. We are not clear of our intention, or our path. It is hidden, it is unknown. We are being asked to keep putting one foot in front of the other, without necessarily knowing the whole path and where we are going. We are being called to trust in ourselves, our hearts, our truth, to guide us and that all will be revealed in right timing. We are being asked to go into the mists of secrets, and to walk this path anyway. To keep moving forward without a clear understanding. This requires courage, fearlessness, and a listening relationship with our hearts - to guide us. Otherwise we find ourselves at the mercy of our ego minds - which are trying to keep us safe by doing what we've always done. However, this is a new path. The old ways won't serve us. In what ways are you clinging to old habits, patterns, beliefs, ways of doing things, which are no longer serving you, but feel comfortable? This is an uncomfortable place and we are being asked to adapt and get used to not knowing, and to trust our hearts anyway.

Ishtar comes to remind us of right timing. Much like Nyx, she says, keep moving forward, but maybe if the warning signs are there, proceed with caution. Move forward from the heart, not the ego mind. Pay attention to where you are being asked to reconsider, to wait, to realign, to where things don't feel quite right. This is our gut instinct, and we are being asked to tap into this. We can co-create when we listen to all the information we are being given - from our intuition, our guts, our hearts. When we proceed in a direction despite our guts telling us otherwise, this is our fear coming in. We are being asked to trust, to come back into alignment with the cycles and flow of life, and to see what cycle we are in. If we need to pause and rebalance, we should do that, if we need to put one foot in front of the other on a path that's unclear, then lets do that with the light of our hearts, if we are being asked to wait, until the timing is right, then do this rather than pushing at something which isn't ready. Ishtar reminds us that we are all connected - all energy is connected at all levels - all we do has consequences far beyond us. Consider the impacts of actions on others before leaping in. Consider how you can foster greater connection and tap into the support which is all around you, to align with your path, with your truth, with where you are at in the cycles of life.

Green Tara says we can ignite the magic of our intentions by connecting with others in community. We are not alone. We aren't islands. All we do impacts others - all beings - all energy. All we do impacts mother earth, all we do impacts other humans, other beings. Come into connection, community with all around you. Develop these relationships, and through these connections, this sharing, this community, this support, we can ignite magic. We can create much more than on our own. We don't need to do this alone, and in fact, we cannot do it alone. So connect with others who resonate on a heart level with us - our soul family. Call in the support, develop relationship, and seek out those you are walking this path with.

We can co-create for our highest good by coming into flow, into rhythm, into alignment with the cycle, the season that we are in. Rhea says that when life flows, there is ease, there is effortlessness. We are being asked to cultivate this, and to find our flow, our rhythm. In all there is energy, movement, creativity and then there is pause, stillness, alignment, balance. We alternate between these two states - whether that is in the breath, in the creative process, in all of life. We cannot come into flow unless we know where we are. Once we understand our place in the process, in the cycle, then we can see what is needed - energy, flow, movement - or pause, stillness, rebalancing. Knowing that each state is fleeting, before the next arises. Letting go of attachment to outcomes, to expectations of how things will be allows us to enter flow. Simply being with where life is at right now, in this moment, helps us to align with the energy of flow. This is the ultimate of "Happiness = reality - expectation" equation. Happiness is being in flow.

Our likely outcome is pure magic and transformation. Knowing that nothing is lost, only transformed into something new. The outcome is an upleveling to a new sense of rebirth, a new cycle, recreation, transformation. We must let of all, relinquish our hold, our attachment to all, allow magic to occur, so that we can be reborn, like the butterfly. We are coming to a new place of rebirth. From this place we can shine our light, shine our magic. We are radiant, because we have dropped all that is hidden, all our shadows, all our shame, all our grief and we are naked in radiance, reborn, renewed - pure magic.

Saraswati comes to say that we can align with these energies for our highest good by mastering what is in our hearts. What is your heart's desire? What is your deepest longing? What, if you could do anything at all without any limitations - what would that be? You are being asked to come into apprenticeship of your heart, of your truth, and learn, devote yourself to mastering your truth, your essence, your freedom, your heart's deepest desires. Once we know our hearts so well, we have mastered our truth, then we will be clear on our path because if it us. We have become it. We will embody it. True mastery is embodiment, it is effortless, it is ease. Embody your truth, embody your heart's desires. Devote yourself to this practice and you will find that your path becomes effortless.

The energies are really poweful right now. So much is happening astrologically, historically, and within us. I am offering a special lionsgate new moon class tomorrow (Sunday) aat 7pm to really align with these energies, draw in the new, from our heart space, release all which is holding us back, to meditate deeply to raise your vibration and the vibrations of others (because we are all connected), and to set intentions with conscious awareness, for the coming months. You can sign up for it here:

So much courage, trust and compassion to you as we navigate these powerful energies, and exciting but challenging times.

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