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  • Who are your services suitable for?
    Kundalini yoga is suitable for all adults except pregnant people. Other services such as reiki, tarot, and meditation are suitable for everyone. Classes & courses are suitable for complete beginners or advanced yogis. It does not matter how bendy you are, your age, your gender, your flexibility, your shape, your size, your ability....all are welcome and we will make adjustments to suit different bodies, shapes, sizes and ages. Yoga is for everyone and my aim is for everyone to feel comfortable in my class and able to find their version of a posture which suits their body best. I am not trained to offer the best Kundalini Yoga service for pregnant people or children and you may be better served with teachers who have this experience and focus. However, if you are under 16 or pregnant and would still like to come along, please just get in touch to discuss and I will see what I can do.
  • What should I wear?
    Whatever you like! There are no rules about clothing and appearance. Wear what is comfortable for you and you are able to move unrestricted in. There is no need for special yoga clothes, or white clothes, or anything specific. It is most important you feel comfortable and able to move in whatever you wear. For my online services, people have come in their underwear, their pyjamas, their comfy tracky bottoms and slobby tshirt - all of this is totally fine. You can also choose to keep your video off if you don't want to be seen.
  • I have an injury or illness, what should I do?"
    Please let me know if you have an injury or ongoing illness, even if you are able to manage them well. It will help me to make sure I can provide any adjustments for your ease, comfort and support and to not further stress your body in ways which are unhelpful.
  • I have my period, am (peri) menopausal, can I join?"
    Yes! Some of the postures and breaths may not be most supportive for you and I will provide adjustments for this so you can still enjoy and get the most out of your class
  • I'm new to yoga, and not very flexible - can I join?"
    Yes! Beginners are very welcome. The less bendy or flexible are also welcome. This is not a flexibility competition, but time for you to reconnect to you. I will provide adjustments and modifications to suit all levels and body shapes, sizes and abilities. You can also practice whilst sitting on a chair - most postures can easily be modified for a chair.
  • How do you make your services accessible and inclusive?
    I believe that yoga, meditation, reiki, tarot and all I offer is for everyone. My intention is to remove obstacles certain people may face in participating in these beautiful teachings and practices. I offer yoga and meditation online and in community settings so that you can come even if you feel that a studio isn't for you. Whoever you are, you will be welcome. These are a list of things I do and promise to uphold in all of my services, where appropriate: * I don't touch anyone in a class, or wander about the class * I won't offer instructions to a specific person, but to the whole class * I won't assume your gender or pronouns, and won't offer options for 'women' or 'men' * I am trained in trauma sensitive yoga and embodied resiilence and take a trauma informed approach to all my services * I won't assume your level of ability or skill based on your age, size or shape * You are allowed to rest, and come out of any posture, position or situation at any point * You are allowed to leave at any point * I aim to ensure that the door can be seen by all participants * You are allowed to feel that a particular tool or technique isn't for you and to tell me this * I offer adjustments and modifications to allow for different abilities, flexibility, skill, comfort levels, injuries and use props to support postures * I am non-prescriptive and won't tell you to do something or not do something but allow you to make your own choices (eg. I won't tell you what to eat or not eat, how or when to practice, or what is best for you) * I am body-positive and promote body acceptance and love for all shapes and sizes and ages. I am anti-diets for the purpose of weight-loss (or disguised weight loss such as 'clean diets', 'juice cleanses' or 'detoxes'). I will not offer anything as something for weight loss. Weight loss may be a by-product of something but I won't promote this as a reason to do it. * I won't comment on your body size, shape, age or ability or on any wieght gain or loss. * I aim to keep costs at a reasonable level - enough to pay me, but not unaffordable. If you would like to participate but find that costs not financially viable for you, please get in touch.
  • What about Black Lives Matter?
    I affirm that black lives do matter to me and that whilst black lives matter less in society that this is something I will actively engage in to unlearn my own racist subconscious conditioning, speak out wherever I see racist language, microaggressions or aggression, support black people in a room, challenge racist thinking, language and arguments, support black owned local businesses whenever I can, and support organisations who promote equity and equality in society for all, including BLM organisations. I welcome any feedback which is offered to me as an opportunity to unlearn my racist social conditioning, and to change my behaviour in the future.
  • I have heard about abuse by gurus in a/many yoga lineages.  What are you doing about this?
    I am deeply saddened to hear about abuse of many different kinds by various people in yoga lineages putting themselves up as gurus or experts. I stand with the victims of abuse, support them to share their stories if they want to, and will support them to heal. Abuse by someone in a position of power is a deep betrayal of trust and of the teacher-student relationship. In yoga situations this cuts even deeper because the person is set up as a spiritual leader. As a teacher I aim to always uphold the Kundalini Yoga Teacher's Oath - particularly to always remember that I am a representation of my student's higher selves, and to never abuse this or betray this representation; and to always deliver my students to themselves and never to me. I recognise that the teachings aren't mine, but are ancient sacred teachings which have been past down through lineages to support humanity for its healing and enlightenment. I recognise my sacred oath to faithfully deliver these teachings with integrity to their origins and share them with all. I am also a member of the Yoni Shakti Movement which aims to educate people about abuse in yoga and stamp out all forms of abuse in yoga everywhere. There are 9 calls to action, which I stand by and uphold: 1. WITHDRAW FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROMANY ORGANISATION OR INDIVIDUAL THAT HARMS WOMEN 2. NOTICE WARNING SIGNALS, LEARN ABOUTBYSTANDERS AND BENEFICIARIES SO YOUCAN HONOUR YOUR INTUITION 3. ASK QUESTIONS OF TEACHERS, TRAINERS,GURUS, RETREAT AND STUDIO OWNERS 4. LISTEN TO THE SISTERS, SURVIVORS,WHISTLEBLOWERS: TESTIMONY ISEVIDENCE 5. SHARE WHAT YOU NOTICE: CALL OUTHARM AND CALL IN HELP. 6. REFUSE TO KEEP SECRETS7 NAME NAMES, JOIN DOTS 8. CENTRE THE MARGINS, GATHER INCIRCLES 9. DECOLONISE YOGA TO DISMANTLEHARMFUL SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION THAT DAMAGE EVERYONE More information on the movement can be found here:
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