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Words are our power

I want to write about the power of our words. This is something I've been reflecting on recently, as I've been reading my teacher's manual.

All words create a sound current - a vibration. And everything in the whole universe is putting out different vibrations in the form of sound, light and energy. These vibrations create reactions, which cause different elements to combine, or come apart, creating new things. New molecules, new atoms, new cells. And we are made up of these molecules, atoms and cells.

For anything to be created, it requires vibration. And vibration at a certain frequency in order to achieve a certain effect. At another frequency, something else will be created. So through our words, both spoken and thought, we are creating vibrations, sound currents. These impact both us and all living things which hear them. Because the vibration has an impact on all. Words create neural pathways in our brains, and either they reinforce existing paths, or create new ones. Words link the left and right hemispheres of our brains. These parts of our brains can only "talk" to each other through cranial fluids. It does this through our tongue connecting with different parts of our mouth, which are each connected to different parts of our brains. Pretty amazing, right?!

Parts of our brain include our glands - the pituitary or master gland, the pineal gland and the hypothalamus, or brain filing system. As we create these sound currents with our words, and activate different points in our mouth with our tongues, we are stimulating these glands in different ways to release hormones. This is why when you say something negative, or something bad about another person, it will impact you far more than it impacts them. Because of what hormones you're triggering your glands to secrete and flood your system.

In everything we say, in every word, we are creating. How powerful is that? You have the power in literally every single word you think and say to manifest something. What that something is, is entirely up to you. But that is the power of your words. This understanding is really making me think a lot about what I say and how I say it. Because if what I say has this effect, I want to really think about what I'm creating.

We don't really recognise this importance of words in our life, so we often say things we don't really mean, and don't really believe. And on the one hand, positive affirmations can be really helpful in changing personal beliefs (which demonstrates the importance of words, again) and to an extent you can 'fake it to make it' with your words. So you might tell yourself in the mirror every day that you're beautiful, even if you don't fully believe it - by telling yourself this, you will eventually change those beliefs. But you will also find, that by not really believing it, you are holding yourself back from truly reflecting this in your life, from really creating the changes you desire.

This is often the case when you are not manifesting things in your life you'd like to see. Are you holding it back from manifesting by your words, your thoughts, your beliefs? Are you fully committed to it, fully believing you deserve it, you want it? Because it won't manifest until our sound currents are at the right frequency and level that it causes the right molecules to come apart or merge together. So you might say something, but if you're not fully believing it, then your sound vibration is at a different frequency. It will manifest because you have vibrated it, but how and when you do that will depend on your vibration.

When we say one thing and do something different, then this creates an incongruency in our world. Because if we manifest with words but our actions are putting out a different vibration, then our vibrations aren't in alignment. So say what you mean and mean what you say, and then do what you say. Which is why being clear on who you are, what you stand for and your boundaries is so important. So you can say 'yes' when you're fully able to and 'no' when you need to without needing to justify either.

This week classes are focusing on our 2nd chakra - the sacral chakra. It's our centre of creativity and creation, of desires, needs and passion. Of sexual and sensual energies. And of boundaries and relationships. This is the foundation in terms of understanding ourselves, and our creativity. If this isn't in balance, your ability to manifest, be abundant, have healthy relationships and boundaries, and understand and have your needs met, will be challenged. We will work on all these aspects, so that you can use your words to create the life you want.

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