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Virgo season tarot reading: 24-30th August

Satnam magnificent souls! We have landed in beautiful earthy virgo season. And after the deep emotions of Cancer and the Fiery turbulence of Leo, it's a welcome relief! Here we can ground, connect to earth, to mother nature, regain balance, focus on the details in order to create a beautiful bigger picture. Virgo is all about understanding that we are enough as we are, that we are good enough - that its not about what we do, our productivity, which gives us value, and it's not about our titles which give us identity. Its about returning home, to the core of us, to our centre, and knowing deep within that this is enough.

I am not suggesting we're done with the change - far from it! We're never done with the change. And returning to the core of us, knowing who we are without all the layers of labels and boxes that have been put on us, that we have taken on and accepted; is no easy task because it requires doing and learning things we have never done before. But Virgo is here to help us organise, order, arrange, sort, discern, eliminate. Virgo helps us see all the smaller bits which make up the bigger picture and brings our attention to these to help us break down the scary, new things into manageable bit sized, organised pieces so we can sort and discern what we need to - release what is no longer us, and embrace our true selves.

I felt the need to keep things simple in the reading today. So I have done a mind-body-spirit reading, with an overall, underpinning, overarching card, which encompasses it all. This is because in sacred numerology, there are always four numbers, even if you think there are only three, it's because you can't see one of the numbers due to perspective. In this reading the fourth is the cornerstone card. I'm using the traditional (ish) rider-waite deck. I love this because you can connect to the meanings of the card in the way they are usually interpreted. There's an innocence to them.

When I immediately look at the cards the yellow and blues jump out at me. There's a lot of yellow in all of them and The Fool and Nine of Cups have a lot of blue also. Then there's the red in Temperance and Four of Pentacles. Yellow is the colour of the solar-plexus chakra, in the naval - of willpower, determination, courage, energy, driving things forward. It's sun energy. The blue is of the throat chakra - listening to and speaking your truth, being heard, being seen. Red is the root chakra at the base of the spine. This connects to security, stability, identity. All of these colours are masculine colours, in terms of the energies of the chakras, which is interesting considering that virgo is feminine in energy. We're being asked to counterbalance the feminine energies of virgo with masculine energies. We need to develop our sense of security and stability in ourselves, find our identity within ourselves, not outside in the world, because the world is full of change and uncertainty. We need to use our willpower, determination, courage, commitment and energy to bring us through, bringing this energy up to the throat, to listen and to speak our truth. This energy comes from the naval (yellow) up through the heart centre (meditative mind), so that our truth which comes through the throat is the truth of our hearts, not the truth of our ego minds. This energy is all quite action oriented, and there is a need for this or you may feel that the groundedness of virgo becomes a stuck feeling. And you may find the organisation and attention to detail becomes very critical and judgemental. So use the action and movement of the masculine energies to make the most of the Virgo energies.

Turning now to the individual cards, The Fool reversed is the cornerstone card, the over-arching theme. The Fool is the start of the tarot deck and always signifies new beginnings. However in the reversed position, it might be you're feeling uncertain about it. You can't see where you're going, haven't got the bigger picture, you're not sure if it's the right path, if you can really release old identities in order to move to the new beginnings. Beginnings are simultaneously change and endings. You cannot begin without ending and you can't end without beginning. And both require change. You must leave the certainty of the endings, release the old, and step into the new with faith that the path will take you where you need to go, even if you can't see the bigger picture and you're not sure where you're going, or if you're equipped for the journey. Like the fool - take a leap - the universe will honour your commitment, your determination, your courage, and rise to catch you.

Within this, the mind card is the Nine of Cups; the body card is the Four of Pentacles and the spirit card is Temperance reversed.

The Nine of Cups is inviting you to rest your mind, to take a pause and sit down on a bench for a little bit. You have done so well, come so far, celebrate the successes before you move on. The Nine is not the end, but the end is nearing, so you won't be sat for too long, but do take this time for some respite for your mind. Allow the whirring to calm and drop into your heart centre, your neutral mind, your meditative mind. Cups are all about emotions and this card says that you can bring calm and stability to your emotions through practicing gratitude. Make gratitude a daily habit and you'll find that your emotions flow much smoother. Give your mind this gift of gratitude and allow it to stop analysing every emotion that arises.

The Four of Pentacles message is that your body is holding on, and hoarding things. These may be in the physical realm, or it might be you're holding energy, emotions, thoughts, beliefs in the body, bringing it out of balance. Either way, because you're so fixed on holding onto these things you have turned your back on all that is right in front of you - all new possibilities, all new opportunities. Your body is asking you to let go. Whether that's how you view money or material possessions, your status and achievement in life, your beliefs, identity, your habits. Anything that no longer aligns in your body needs to be reassessed, reconsidered, reviewed and released to bring the body back to alignment. Feel into the heart here to sense where you may be holding the body out of alignment.

Temperence reversed is asking you to bring your overall spirit, soul, essense, back into balance. Have you gone too far one way or another? Have you dashed about with the Leo fiery energy, perhaps had a little too much fun? Do you need to rebalance and bring moderation back? Your spirit is asking that you reconnect, rebalance, bring in some spiritual practices to support you. This might be yoga, meditation, mindfulness, walking or being in nature, opening yourself up to the expanse of the sky, getting your body in water, getting good sleep or many other things. You will know which tools feed and nurture your spirit. Temperance is inviting you to nurture and reconnect to spirit and bring balance back.

And so it becomes clear, by looking at the three cards, how we may be hesitating on our path to new beginnings that The Fool calls us on. We may be taking a well needed break and time out, knowing we'll commence the the journey as we invite gratitude in to balance our emotions. Or it might be because we're holding on so much to things which were dear to us in the past, which have served us well, but to embarque on this new journey, to take advantage of new opportunities, we must turn around and we must let go of what is no longer in alignment. Finally, we need to restore balance in our spirit and connect to spiritual practices (however you understand these) in order to move forward on a path that is connected with our soul, with our true calling, our true mission.

So dear souls, take the step forward, begin the journey your soul is calling you on, even if its scary and you can't see the path. Summon your courage, your determination, your commitment. And take a pause to first to rebalance the emotions, release what no longer aligns and bring in the spiritual practices to rebalance and connect to spirit. And step by step you will begin. Break it down into small, bite sized chunks, bring order to the small things, and this way you can manage the overwhelm, manage the fear and begin.

In Kundalini Yoga we have five sutras for the Aquarian Age (the period of time we're currently in). One is "When the pressure of time is upon you, start, and the pressure will be off." So begin dear ones, and you'll find the pressure eases. Begin with something small, something manageable. And just take one step.

Yoga classes this week will focus on working with the Virgo energies to ground, connect, stabilise, bring security but also bringing in energy, movement and flow to ensure that we make the most of of the energies and don't become stuck in judgement.

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