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There is more that is unseen: Oracle reading 12 - 18th October

We've got powerful astrology going on this week. Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio and Libra from Wednesday and Mars is still retrograde from September, also in Scorpio. The new moon in Libra on Friday is a supermoon. You may not see the moon, but you'll feel that power and pull inwards more than usual because of the proximity of the moon to the earth. Mercury retrograde is often associated with miscommunications and technology failures. Mars retrograde is pulling us inward to look at our relationship to ourselves and to see our truth. When you turn communication inwards - we may feel challenged to express our truths, to speak even if its not welcome, to speak even if its clumsy. The new moon in Libra is about balance, harmony, and peace in relationships, so we may feel these pulls to honour the self, to honour our souls and speak our truths in our relationships. There may be conflict, but choose to see beyond the polarities, and see what is beneath because it is clear that we do not know everything yet, and things we felt certain of knowing and we don't question are coming up for re-examination and new perspectives again. There is truth in every angle, every perspective, and we can choose to show up in love, or we can choose to show up in anger and fear. We have an opportunity here to practice deep listening of all diverse views, rather than being convinced our truth is the only truth. This is what the new moon is asking us to do - release fear, hold the polarities, and bring compassion and love from an open heart.

I did a new moon spread with the Goddess Power oracle deck - even though new moon isn't until Friday. But the energies are starting to activate already. Take the opportunity before Friday to release anything left to release in the full moon cycle, to prepare for this super new moon. These messages are very much showing in the cards as well. Looking at the cards as a whole, there is a lot of pink and green - these are both heart chakra colours. Pink is the inner colour and green the outer. Pink can also indicate the need for healing. So they are calling to you to drop into your heart centre, see what needs healing here first, and then approach others from a place of love and compassion, seeing that life is beyond the polarities, even if it doesn't appear that way. There are also two 7s (Maya and Branwen) which relate to the aura or our protective electro-magnetic field. Whatever energy is in our aura will magetise that energy to us. We'll attract more of it. Clear your aura and project love, compassion, joy to the aura from the heart. Aphrodite shows us that there are dualities, but that these can co-exist and the way to hold them is with humour and laughter (Uzume - 4).

The questions for the cards are:

  1. What is quality of my situation right now?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to tke in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How do I course correct to be in better alignment with my intention?

And the cards are:

  1. Uzume, Humour, 39 = 4

  2. Branwen, Forgiveness, 7

  3. Maya, Illusion, 34 =7

  4. Ma'at, Truth, 30

  5. Aphrodite, Romantic Love, 2 (A)

  6. Benzai-Ten, Beauty, 6 (A)

This was done under the guidance of Nyx - Secrets, 39 = 3. She too brings that pink heart energy in. Listen to your heart, to your truth, it will show you the way forward in the darkness and uncover secrets when you need them.

The world and our own inner worlds may become more polarised, more confusing, less clear. You may see conflict, power grabs, control, fear, anger, continuing to play out. It may seem that just as it couldn't get any more strange, it gets stranger still. So Uzume comes to say that laughter is needed now more than ever. Laughter and humour is healing, and brings resilience. Even if everything seems bleak, find one thing each day to laugh about. Laugh at the increasing absurdities playing out in the world. Yes it may feel heavy and painful and confusing - but find the silliness, the absurdity, the ridiculous in it and laugh - because the laughter will get you through. It'll drop you into your heart, connect you to your truth, and help you see through the polarities. We are at this point with this new moon that we are birthing ourselves to be the change we want to see in this world. We are birthing ourselves to start showing up in our truth and there is much we can't see or understand right now. So when you feel lost, confused, unsure, angry, sad, lonely, depressed - find something to laugh at - anything at all.

How do we birth ourselves to be the change we want to see? How do we co-create from our most empowered selves? Through forgiveness. Branwen comes to say that we forgive not for the benefit of the other person but for ourselves. The burdens of regret, guilt, sorrow, pain, grief, loss, are too heavy. You will become resentful. Forgive yourself and forgive others. This will release the creativity to support your birthing. It will help to move you from fixed, polarised positions, to seeing that there is more than the either/or - to see the nuances.

Maya comes to say that whilst we may want to move forward, we may be convinced we're right and someone else is wrong, we may feel hurt or betrayed by others or ourselves; but there is more than meets the eye going on right now. What is obvious to us is an illusion. We may not see beyond the illusions but know there is more at work here. So seek to find love, find the common ground, to forgive, to hold the polarities, until you can see more and can see the illusions.

What we can all do, however, is be our truth. Speak our truth, embody our truth. Choose to show up in your most authentic, vulnerable, naked self and show your truth. Not the edited, carefully filtered, chosen to be liked version - but the raw, naked, truth of your soul. If we can be our truth from a place of love, from the heart, and be fully honest and accountable to ourselves and others, we will birth ourselves as the change we want to see. We will be the change - not by telling others they're wrong, but by being so honestly and unashamedly ourselves. There is power in owning our truth. There is power in choosing to serve the calling of the soul even if it goes against society. There is power in choosing truth over being liked.

And if we do this, then we have the opportunity to see beyond polarities, beyond the desires, beyond the expectations, beyond the obvious. We have the opportunity to lift the veil and see the essense of all that we are becoming, to see the truth beyond the illusions, beyond the deceptions. Aphrodite comes to invite us to release expectations, release judgement, release the desire of things in the forms we want them in, and to see the truth of what is, see beyond the veil.

Benzai-Ten comes to say that the best way we can ensure we align with these messages is to love ourselves, see our beauty, our love, our worth. We are all good enough, are all enough, we are all deserving enough, we are all loved enough. But we may, through the battering of this year and its twists and turns, find ourselves in self-doubt and self-lack. Benzai-Ten encourages us to let go of these self-limiting beliefs and see our unbounded powerful, beautiful, magificent, true selves and know that being ourselves is always enough. We are always enough. When we have a true sense of self-worth then we will speak our truth and own our power from our heart-centres.

Classes all this week are working with these energies through unpacking and exploring our neutral or meditative minds. This mind is actually in the heart centre and is about holding the polarities and seeing through this. Knowing that balance is not about the grey of neither/nor but realising that balance is achieved through both/and. And balance is something we are constantly being asked to regain, especially this year. Through this we will be able to live from a place of love, truth, peace and power.

I also have a special new moon class on Friday 16th October, 7.30 - 9pm which I will transmit from Glastonbury - the earth's heart centre. If you'd like to explore all these themes more deeply then please do join me for this special class. Passes and key worker discount can be applied.

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