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Super full moon in Scorpio Goddess reading

I've got some new Goddess cards - the Goddess Temple oracle cards from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. So this reading is with these beautiful, very intuitive, inspirational cards, born of the Avalonian/Celtic wheel and the inspired by the Celtic goddesses.

Interestingly, there isn't a strong theme here emerging from the cards, it's a bit of this and a bit of that. Allow the cards, the images to speak to you too. This is how we tap into intuition by allowing the imagery of the cards to unfold specific meanings for us. These cards a particularly beautiful for that because there's a lot in them, which means our intuitive juices can really get flowing. You don't need to focus on everything, just see what you're drawn to in the images.

This full moon is a super moon. It'll appear bigger and brighter in the sky because the moon is orbiting nearer the earth at the moment. This means the energies of the moon are intensified. We are all affected by the energies of the moon - whether that's humans, the earth, the seas, animals - everything is affected by the moon. When it appears larger, we are affected more intensely. This full moon is in Scorpio which is a very intense sign anyway. It's a water sign, a sign of emotion. It's also about death, rebirth, transformation, sexuality, taboo, secrets. It's not afraid of the depths of emotions in order to bring forth transformation. This intense moon can't be avoided. Only by surrendering to the emotion, by surrendering to the death can be we transformed, reborn.

This full moon also happens the same day that Pluto stations direct and starts to go retrograde, which it will do until October. Pluto illuminates that which is in our unconscious, our old wounds, our triggers, our patterns and addictions. It is bringing these things up to be healed. With the intense light of the Scorpio moon on these wounds, this moon is bringing deep healing of some old wounds, old addictions, including ancestral and past life hurt. This full moon says, you need to look at these, not avoid them or check out from them, you need to get into them, feel the flow of emotions, acknowledge them, see them, hear them and release them. You cannot move forward with this baggage. It's time to let them go. This can be pretty tough going, so compassion, gentleness, forgiveness of yourself and others is needed as we may see some of these woundings being projected on others (or us), or acting out from triggers of woundings. Allow any which others project on you to flow off you in the water, and stick with your own healing. Don't get caught up in other's dramas, issues and wounds. Hold that space for yourself and others with compassion without getting drawn into it.

The card questions are:

  1. What theme is being illuminated at this time for my highest good?

  2. What is coming up for me to release at this time?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move forward?

  4. What opportunities are next arising for me?

The cards are:

  1. The temple of air, 18 (9)

  2. Gwion - The young, 14 (5)

  3. The temple of earth, 21 (3)

  4. The seeding, 40 (4)

A lot is happening right now, coming up, there's a lot of intuition, clarity, and visioning. You are starting to see the way forward now. Your ideas, your sparks are getting some clarity, some tangibility, some action. But there's a lot going on, a lot swirling about, and you are being asked to make choices, to pick, and to take action. This is great, and getting some distance from what is happening so you can see the bigger picture, seek clarity and understand what your heart wants is good. Remember though to stay grounded even as you allow the spring winds to move through, to bring with them the promise of new beginnings, and new paths. There is strength and power here. Tap into your own potential, your own visions, and intuition to see the way forward. Allow nature and birds to show you the way, and be carried like the birds, like the seeds on the wind, whilst remaining grounded in your heart, your neutral and meditative mind, knowing your truth and what your path is. When you feel too swept away by the wind, by the wings, come back to your heart and what it is whispering to you. Feel grounded in your core, your centre, your creativity, your fertility of your root and sacral chakras and your energetic - yoni or womb.

You have a great many ideas, thoughts and your imagination is high right now. There is an air of innocence, of child-likeness to this. You are fascinated and drawn in by everything, by every angle, every option, every idea. This is a fun and beautiful time. But you are being asked to expand, to grow, and to choose. Whilst you can create and manifest a great many things, you are being asked to choose and focus on one thing, or a couple of things right now. Trying to create too many things at once will split your focus, your attention. And you will be a little like a child picking one thing up, playing with it, and then dropping it for another thing. This childlikeness is precious and fun, but there also needs to come a time when you focus. That is not to say the other ideas won't be there in the future, but to manifest in the physical realm you need to commit to something and to focus on that for the time being. Choose what is important to you, what fits with your values, and allow the other things to manifest in their right timing.

You are harvesting from the earth right now. You are gestating deep in Mother earth's womb. She invites you inward, to connect to nature, to see her cycles and how she grows things, how she spring forth, how she creates abundance, how she releases what no longer serves and repurposes it for future growth, and how she goes inwards and rests. She invites you to learn from her, to harvest her lessons of the cycles of life, cycles of creativity, and to know that all happens in the right season, the right timing. You will miss nothing. Nothing will pass you by, it may just arise in a form that is different from what you expected and at a time that is different from what you thought. Allow yourself to be held by mother earth, to be nurtured and supported by her. Harvest the great abundance of living in the cycles of life, of recognising where you are in the cycle, and allowing the cycle to flow as it will, co-creating with the Great Mother, with the universe and in the seasons of life. Mother earth invites you to watch the blossoms bloom in Spring, to watch them grow and expand, all their potential, all their desire to be fertilised and bear fruit, to watch how you too can manifest in this way, at the right time.

You are being invited to seed the change you want to see on earth. To be the change you want to see. What is the world you want to create and to leave for future generations? Opportunities await for you to seed this new world, and this begins by planting the seeds in you. How do you need to change in order to manifest the world you want to see? We plant seeds in the furrows at the time in the cycle to do so. Right now we are in Taurus season and we are furrowing the ground with our oxen. In Cancer season (next) we plant the seeds in those furrows. Know this is coming up next, and be plowing the soil now, making furrows ready for those seeds. Creating the furrows in your mind, in your body, in your soil to plant the seeds of who you need to become for the future you are dreaming to become a reality. We seed from a place of groundedness, connection to earth, from stability, security of our root chakra, of the red of the first chakra. As you furrow the ground, connect to your root chakra, feel the groundedness. Connect to nature and her cycles and know all happens in right timing. There is no need to rush anything, but to take the time to prepare well so that the seeds have the best chance of growing beautiful plants full of fruit.

May you have a wonderful, creative, transformative, healing full moon time. Classes continue this week on Monday and Wednesday at 5.45pm to support you on your journey through these powerful emotions. Tonight's class is a special full moon class tapping into these potent and intense energies for healing, growth and transformation. Thursday is the beginner's class at 7.30pm - free to all - every month a different theme so feel free to join as many as you like.

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