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Super full blood moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius reading

Well, you can tell by that mammoth of a title that this is no ordinary full moon! Full moons are powerful and intense enough but when coupled with the super moon - where the moon is closer to the earth, so it's pull is stronger on us, the intensity ups again. And then you add in a total lunar eclipse, and the eclipse which starts this eclipse season and runs until December, we've got some pretty powerful energies all going on and combining in this moon. It's going to be a time of holding onto the seat of your pants, going with the flow, surrendering to what must happen, and remembering that this is happening for you and not to you.

Feel all the feels - they'll be intense, let them move through you. Whatever comes up, which may be unexpected, whatever ends suddenly, whatever moves in out of the blue - greet all with love and open arms, asking them what they are here to teach you.

Sagitarius is the explorer, the archer, the traveller. He is free, he is wild, he goes into the world to learn, to seek new experiences, to explore. He can bring that wild energy of breaking free from that which holds us and going for freedom. This can bring some sudden changes. And given the current global climate of the pandemic, you might wonder how travel and freedom factor into this moon! But travel and freedom isn't only in the world, doesn't need to be far away. What this is about is embodying experience, learning by doing, gaining wisdom from experiencing something. And this moon will bring it all to us without us needing to physically go anywhere! But we can also travel in the mind, explore and broaden our horizons by going within, by connecting to our truth, to our authenticity, by seeing the wild within us. This moon calls us to be uncompromisingly ourselves. To get to know ourselves, our values, our truth and what matters to us and then to persevere, stick with it, and come through for what we're here for, for what we value. This might look strange to other people, it might mean not following the herd, but this moon asks you to stand strong, shoot for the stars, and to go on the journey wherever it takes you.

Eclipses are about endings and this eclipse is a total lunar eclipse. So it's big endings, big new perspectives on things like home and where you live, your relationships and what kind of relationships and connections you want (and don't want), your job and career and the path this is leading you on. Saturn has also stationed direct and will be going retrograde. This brings an energy of finality to things. Saturn asks you to be clear about what's important for you, where are your boundaries, what are you saying no to, so that you have space to draw in new things that align with you. When you are clear and say no, Saturn will back you up. There will be a finality to it. You will let it go, whatever it may be. So think seriously about what you're saying no to, what you don't want anymore, what isn't aligned, and allow this intense moon to sweep it all out, and Saturn to keep you strong and aligned to your truth.

I've used the Goddess Temple cards for this full moon reading and they are some beautiful and powerful messages here in them. There are two 7's (Ker and Fire Dream) which connect to our auras, our electromagnetic fields. They are what we're projecting out to the world. They are also our protective shield. These are asking you project out your light, to project out fire, pure gold, passion, commitment, determination, energy. And to nurture and protect yourself. Fire is also protective. Support and allow yourself to grow, allow sensuality, sexuality to flow. Connect to the inner fire in you, at the naval (3 and 7 are very closely connected in sacred numerology).

  1. What is the quality of my intention/energy at this time? The selkie, 44 (8)

  2. What is coming up to be released so I can live my purpose? Fire dream, 25 (7)

  3. What am I harvesting, what am I learning so I can move forward? Centering, 23 (5)

  4. What opportunities are coming up next for me? Ker, 7

Our energies and intentions right now are calling us back to the wild. They are asking us to connect to our inner wildness, the wild people within, who are free, and not constrained by society, culture, habits, patterns, conditioning. Those that swim with seals, that move with water, with flow, with current. Who allow ourselves to be taken where the sea is taking us. Surrendering to what is, to the currents, to the flow. 8 is the number of prana - of life force energy, understood in the breath. It is movement, energy, power, creativity, life. Our energies are all moving and shifting, allowing us to see different pictures, different views, different perspectives. The seals encourage us to ride along with them and allow our emotions (water) to show us the way forward. Let go of needing to be in control of the tides and currents - we cannot do this anyway - this is the realm of the moon. She moves the tides as much as she moves us. And in this full moon, she is full force in setting us in the direction we need to go. Allow yourself to be taken here.

Fire is here to burn away all that is holding us back. All which is separating us from our truth. The ravens here show us the way of transformation in fire. It is only by surrendering to the fire, do we find our resilience, our metal. When all is burnt away which is holding us back - whether they are beliefs, shadows, habits, patterns, conditioning - we will be transformed, reborn. Surrender to the fire. Allow your inner fire in the naval to give you courage, determination, devotion, commitment, passion for the path which is being revealed in the fire. The fire is coming anyway, it's up to you how you respond to it. Will you be afraid? Or will you embrace it anyway, knowing it comes to cleanse and purify you.

We are harvesting skills and knowledge of centering, grounding, connecting to the earth. We are starting to recognise our connection to Mother Earth, to all that is around us. And what we do impacts on others and on the earth. What we take, we can consciously give back. Through coming into reciprocal relationship to the earth, we can find our grounding, our centres, and know that mother earth always hold us, nurtures us, and is always there to remind us of our roots. Our roots which go far and wide, give us strength and stability, deep in the earth. And roots which connect us to others, and to all beings. When we come into rhythm with the cycles of the earth, of the moon, of ourselves, we come into relationship with the earth. Through care and love for ourselves, we can care and love others, rather than taking and disrespecting. Consider how you can harvest a sense of respect, honour and gratitude to mother earth, connection to the cycles in all things, and to all beings, and how this helps you centre and ground in yourself.

We have opportununities to nurture, love, grow and expand coming up. If we can care for ourselves and for others, then this love, this nurture will expand and grow. Ker is grounding, earthy, connected. Her roots are wide, showing that it takes communities to support, heal and grow babies - whether literal, or interpretative - our projects, our passions, our paths. Seek help and support for your journey, knowing it takes many connections to grow into full bloom. Ground, centre, organise, nurture, devote time, energy, passion, commitment to growing those babies that are here for you birth and nurture.

This week's classes are working with the full moon energies, supporting us to connect to ourselves, our stability, our security, and know that we are far more than whatever is falling away, and whatever is arising in this intense full moon moments. Wednesday's class is a special full moon class and will run a bit longer to 7.15pm.

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