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Solstice: Astrology and Oracle guidance 15-21st June

So we have a big astrological and moon week this week. Solstice is coming up on Saturday, this is the longest/shortest day of the year and reminds of seasons, of constant evolution and change. Then we have the sun moving into Cancer season, and the moon joining in Cancer with the full moon on Sunday. And just before that we have mercury going retrograde on Thursday!

With mercury going retrograde it'll be the 5th planet in retrograde. And combined with the end of gemini season - this is always a time of potential miscommunication, lack of clarity with words, changes in plans, technology failures...and generally things going a bit up the spout. Given the mercury rules Gemini, these things could all get even more exacerbated. And then as we move in Cancer season, this is all about emotions, owning and accepting your feelings, of home, security, safety, family, relationships. And so when mercury retrograde is combined with heightened emotions around some fundamental issues in our lives at a time when we are already feeling huge amounts around loss, anger, grief, change, transformation, letting old things fall away without necessarily knowing what's coming up next, it's likely to cause some significant flashpoints around words, communication, sharing our emotions, sharing our truth, and feeling into these areas. All of this to say - take care when speaking from a place which feels very full of emotion. Feel the feels, share your feelings but take care in how you do so, and expect that there may be misunderstandings, miscommunications, and lack of real connection in doing so. Retrograding planets also give us time to travel inside. Allow mercury to direct you to where you can speak your truth from a place of real understanding, love, connection, security. Where you can really own your emotions and speak from a depth of connection with them, rather than from ego fears around them. This is all part of the transformation, all part of the healing which needs to happen. So do speak, do share, but do so wisely, from a place of security and not from a place of lashing out. And do speak to yourself, to your inner child, with love, with compassion, with kindness, and develop security, stability, home, belonging within yourself, regardless of what may be happening externally.

Summer soltice in the Northern Hemisphere is where we mark the changing of seasons and that shift of the darkness beginning to win over the light. Whilst it may not immediately be noticeable, it is that shift into allowing the darkness to show us how we need to change, how we can shift and evolve with the seasons, and allow the changing light to illuminate the shadows and darkness, so that we can feel into it, and allow the emotions to emerge and be fully accepted and owned. So, dance, sing, connect with friends and family, light a fire, and watch the sun come up - express the best of Cancer season and thank the sun and moon for their beauty, and their ever evolving wisdom.

This week's spread is a three-card spread that can be read as either 'what do we need to know this week' or 'mind-body-spirit'. I think, even though it's relatively simple, the message is clear and is powerful. This is the 'Work Your Light' oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell and one which has always delivered a powerful and evocative message whenever I've used it.

We have three cards: Council of Light, Mirror and The Crumbling. These are some great if challenging cards. We can see these cards in the waning of the moon. Allow whatever still needs to be released from the full moon to go, in preparation for the new moon of intention and planting new things.

Council of Light - Divine orchestration, helpers in the subtle realms. Know that you are doing important work. You are doing so much, so much is changing, evolving, releasing, transforming. This can feel very challenging and hard at times. Know you are not alone in this. You are surrounded by divine beings, by spirits and guides, by people who love and know you in the spirit realm. Maybe you don't believe in this and that's ok. But perhaps its pets who have passed on, or family members or significant people in your life no longer on earth, who are here for you in spirit, supporting you, and cheering you on. Maybe its angels, or fairies, magical and mystical beings. Perhaps its gurus, guides, prophets, gods - Jesus, Mohammed, Guru Ram Dass, Ganesha, Krishna, Mother Theresa, Ghandi...It is different for each of us. But whoever brings you meaning, brings you solace, guidance, love, support. No request is too small or too big for them. Whatever you need help with, they are here to support you. Call on them as you release your triggers and pain, allow all to crumble, so you can start anew with the new moon energies.

Mirror - Who or what is triggering you? What is coming up for you that is triggering you? Where are you feeling powerful emotions, powerful reactions, the need to jump up and react, do, speak? Who or what is saying or doing something that is causing you discomfort, pain, pushing yor buttons? Feel into this. Allow the challenging feelings to arise and name what you're feeling. Then feel under it - what is causing this? Not the external person or situation, but what has caused this reaction in you? Is it a memory, a trauma, something unhealed in you? Why are you wanting to react in this way? Sit with this, with what it has brought up for you. Allow yourself to feel all you need to feel of this. And keep sitting. Now see that the external situation or person has brought something up in yourself. They are the mirrror to your own internal reactions. This has been brought to you so you can deal with it, heal it, love it, allow it, without judgement. Comfort your inner child. And now, forgive yourself, forgive others, and let go of any resentment, anger, fear, judgement which you still feel and thank the situation or person for allowing you this moment of healing and release.

The Crumbling - What are you clinging on to? Allow the crumbling. We are in a moment in time of significant global and social, collective and individual transformation. Allow the change to happen, allow the crumbling to happen. This can be relationships, jobs, social structures...anything that is built on sand, on illusion, on deception. We can see that beginning to happen already. Don't hang on, it'll only cause you pain. Instead see the opportunity of it going, to bring you something new, something which resonates with you, which enables you to live the life you truly want. You may not see it clearly, but through the crack in the tower crumbling, see the potential, the possibility of new growth. Lay it all on the alter, don't try to keep it all together, let it go, allow the waning moon to take it, so that in the rubble, there is space for the new shoots to emerge.

It's clear a lot is coming up for us right now, triggering us, emotions are reaching boiling point, on a knife edge. We are being asked to call in the help and do the work to look in the mirrors being held up for us by others and external situations in order that we can let go of old pain, hurt, habits, patterns, energies, situations, people, and allow everything that was built on shaky ground, shifting sand to crumble, so that we can allow new life, new possibilities, new ways of being and doing to emerge through the rubble, from the mirror. There's a lot, but we're not alone. In this process, stay with your work, your triggers, your emotions and don't get drawn into other people's drama, emotions, reactions. Don't be seduced into feeling like the victim or the saviour. Either position is unhelpful. Let others do their own work, or continue to run away from it, and stick with what needs to happen with you.

I am sending you lots of love and beauty and light as we continue to release and deal with it all so we can birth this new age into being. Classes this week are focusing on the third eye, our intution, our expansion, our ability to see the bigger picture and be comfortable with the unknown. This will really support us in terms of trusting and allowing the difficult processes we're currently in. I'd love to see you online and share these powerful tools with you.

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