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Samhain, Hallow'een full moon in Taurus Goddess spread

Samhain is a Celtic festival to honour ancestors - which has since become Hallow'een or the Day of the Dead. Its the time of year when the veil between this world and the spirit realms thins and we can feel the connection to ancestors, spirits, angels, more clearly. We can feel more intuitive, have more vivid dreams and see signs and messages more.

It's a time in the Northern Hemisphere of the nights growing longer, the days shorter, darkness is drawing us inward, to ourselves, to our truths, to what we have hidden in the shadows. It's a time of comfort, of reflection, of remembering and honouring. The full moon lands exactly on Samhain - 31st October - this year, in Taurus. With the sun in transformative, emotional, watery Scorpio, the moon in Taurus brings welcome relief - a reminder to ground and connect to Mother Earth, to honour her bounty, her beauty, her abundance as she sheds all which no longer serves and prepares for winter. Scorpio reminds us that transformation occurs as we let go, as we are prepared to die in order to be reborn. This time of Samhain reminds us that death is a transformation - a moving of energy from one space to another - that even in death, there is life, there is the chance to be reborn.

Take some time to connect to Mother Earth, to honour her, to reflect and remember ancestors and feel the energy of change, of transformation even as you connect and ground more deeply in Mother Earth.

This reading is a full moon Goddess reading, but the energies of this full moon are already beginning to emerge. We continue with both mercury and mars retrograding. Mercury is also in Scorpio - turning us inwards, looking at communication with ourselves, uncovering social conditioning, allowing the taboo, the carefully hidden into the light of the full moon, to be honoured, accepted, allowed - as we release social conditioning, self-limiting beliefs and all which holds us back from being ourselves.

The cards reflect these energies, these messages. Overall, its deeply feminine message - a lot of 4s and 2s in the numbers and a lot of pink - which is the colour of heart healing. 4 also correlates to the heart and 2s are the sacral chakra or sexual organs. Both of these chakras are feminine in energy, and are the seats of creativity, sensuality, sexuality, desire, emotion, water, flow, release, and holding dualities; and love, compassion, gratitude, balance, beyond dualities; air, flow and moving through what is coming up to be healed.

The questions are:

  1. What is the theme which needs to be illuminated now?

  2. What needs to be released this full moon?

  3. What lesson is being learnt in order to move through it to be fully ourselves?

  4. What opportunities are coming up for us?

The cards are:

  1. Saraswati, Mastery, 44 (8) (A)

  2. Lakshmi, Fortune, 27 (9) (A)

  3. Aphrodite, Romantic love, 2 (A)

  4. Persephone, Inexperience, 42 (6)

It's no coincidence that this is also the time of the Hindu festivals of Dashain or Dashera and Diwali - and that these coincide with Samhain - the time of death and rebirth, of transformation, of transition, of expansion, of magic. And it's no coincidence that two Hindu Goddesses showed up today - Saraswati and Lakshmi. They are both here encouraging you to see things differently, to look beyond the veil, beyond what is obvious, to what has been hidden. They encourage you to see that we all have much to learn, and that even though this year can feel long and we've been in this situation a while, we have a way to go. We need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep showing up with curiosity, keep seeing the beauty and the power and magic of this COVID time.

Whilst we may feel weary, we may feel ambivalent, fed up and done - Saraswati encourages us to keep going. Feel into our hearts, feel the life force that's moving through us, and use that energy to keep going, keep moving, keep healing, keep releasing. Lakshmi encourages us to see that abundance is all around us, within us, and is always ours if only we stop to look and see. Let go of the need to compete, to see resources as limited, to keep trying to get, to grasp, to ensure we take as much as we give, and let go of this limited view of seeing things. We are surrounded by love, by beauty, by joy, by abundance. All which is ours will come to us. When we step away from competing for resources, from trying to ensure we are getting what we deserve, and into a place of gratitude, we can connect to all the abundance, love, joy within us, knowing it is already ours and there's no need to ensure it's coming to us, no need to compete, no need to get or grasp.

The pink in all the cards speaks to desire, longing, passions, emotions, and healing. Scorpio season connects to all the parts we've hidden, we've seen as taboo, censured, edited. The cards ask us to connect to these hidden aspects of ourselves and let ourselves be seen as we are. As the trees shed their leaves to reveal the beauty of their branches, so we need to shed our leaves and let our truth, our beauty, our honesty be seen. Aphrodite calls to us to connect to love for ourselves. Speak to ourselves with beauty, with love - to release criticism, judgement, and social conditioning about what is allowed within us and what isn't. Allow the taboo, the ignored out - she wants to be heard, to be seen, to be accepted.

Persephone speaks to continuing to go on this journey even though we can't see what's coming up next. We're inexperienced in all we've been dealing with this year, and we don't know how to handle what's next. But we're all still here. Let intuition, ancestors, spirit guide you to the next step, knowing the path will be revealed to you as you need it to be. Keep following your light, what lights you up, your passion, your beauty, your joy - allow the creativity to flow into these areas and know that experience will come through the journey of following your soul's passions, your soul's love, your soul's desires.

Classes this week are all connecting to this energy of heart healing, of joy, passion, happiness, and shedding the layers to become more fully ourselves. As we lean into and explore the positive mind, this is the mind which will keep us moving forward, keep us determined, help us find courage, and following the path of what lights us up. Two new classes - Wednesday 12pm is a pranayama or breathwork class all about shedding the layers and being reborn; and Thursday 8pm is a gentle yoga class allowing us to more fully relax into ourselves and see the magic around us. Both are donation classes - pay what you can afford and what you feel its worth to you.

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