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Rise like the phoenix - tarot reading 29th June - 4th July

Today's cards are the Sun and Moon tarot deck. I love this deck, it's bright colours, its simplicity, the symbolic meanings in them. The reading is 4 cards. I had the intention of keeping it simple and maybe just having 2 or 3 cards, but all of these cards jumped out the deck, so they all have a message for us.

We are in the waxing moon after the new moon eclipse last week, and coming up to the full moon lunar eclipse next Monday. We're in this in between phase - between moons, between eclipses. It's a bit of a pause moment, a rest and reflect moment in between huge emotions, huge change, huge releasing. Whilst it hasn't stopped, we can't stay at the highs all the time, it's too exhausting.

And yet, in this reading it is all major arcana cards - these are the lifecycle cards, the archetypes. They decribe big events, big changes, transformations. Which means that this reading isn't a passing thing, the messages are about significant life changing moments, choices, decisions, movement. And its likely we'll be working with the energies a while. Which of course makes sense midway in eclipses. These cards are incredibly positive - so take heart - you will come through and it will be so much better than you imagined.

When I look at all the cards, I see wheels or circles. Or cycles. In the middle of the sun is a mandala which is very rounded, as are the inners of the sunflowers. The charioteer has a black and white circular shield and in Art there is the yin-yang symbol in the smoke, also circular. It has a sense of completeness, wholeness, balance. In the sun are the symbol of the zodiac, the yin and yang are the balance of opposites, as are the angels feet - one in water, one on land - completeness, balance. The butterfly people in the Sun are also in sync, in balance, skipping together, and the chariot has two bull, black and white pulling the chariot forward. So it speaks very much to twos, to balance, to completeness, wholeness. So in everything we are doing, there is balance, there is harmony, there is wholeness.

There's also blue in every card. Its the inky blue in the death and the chariot and a lighter blue in the sun and art. These connect to the throat chakra with the light blue and the third-eye chakra for the inky blue. We speak our truth. Word is our truth, words manifest our realities. And we have insight, intuition, our gut feelings as well. This is about expanding that - speaking our truth, sharing our truth and tapping into intuition to do so. But we're sharing and expanding from a place of balance, from the home within us.

The cards are:

  1. The Sun XIX (19 = 10)

  2. Death - rebirth XIII (13 = 4)

  3. The Chariot VII (7)

  4. Art- temperance XIV (14 = 5)

The Sun is such a beautiful card. Just looking at it brings happiness and warmth. This is the card that says that things will turn out better than you hoped. The sun will shine again. If this time has been hard for you, the sun is here to say that the hardship is ending and you will be happy again. 10 relates to our radiance in Kundalini Yoga. Its the shine on top of your aura - your electromagnetic field which is like a bubble around you. When it shines you magnetise all that you wish for your life, all positivity and radiant things to you. People are attracted to you because of the radiance. So shine like the sun!

Death - rebirth is not a card to fear. This is actually one of my favourite cards, and the first card I ever pulled from this deck! And indication of its meaning is actually in the picture of the phoenix rising. You have worked hard, you have purged, you have let go of all which doesn't serve. There has been much grief and loss. But from the ashes you are rising again. Like the sun, you are rising. And you have your own inner fire, inner sun of the solar plexus chakra, which is bright yellow. It speaks to courage, convictions, determination and keeping going. 4 relates to the heart. To the holding of emotion and through healing, emerging new, emerging vulnerable, emerging in love and compassion.

As does the chariot. This is the card of journeys. It's calling you to step out, to own your truth, speak your truth. To know and accept the light and dark sides of yourself, to see the balance in your yin and yang (masculine and feminine energies). It says, move forward from the place of your values, your convictions and go on your journey. The bulls relate to Taurus - which is a fixed earth sign - and on his top is a crab - for Cancer - the sun sign we are currently in, and a water sign. The sky is clear and full of stars. You have much to explore, but you are doing so with your feminine energy. This is not the energy of doing, of achieving, of succeeding. This is the energy of allowing, of emerging, of flowing. So, this is a journey into yourself, into your heart. This journey is about self-acceptance, of all parts of you, both the light and the dark. 7 relates to both the crown chakra and the aura in Kundalini Yoga. Both are our connection to the divine. Only by truly knowing ourselves can we connect to the divine. Your aura is your protection, your home. Your bubble. So travel in and expand your aura, your home.

Finally, Art-Temperance. This card comes after the Death card in the pack. It calls for balance, for patience, for moderation. After all the energy and excitement, the exhaustion, the grief, the release, the huge emotions - wait. Have patience, and allow magic to emerge. In Temperance is alchemy. The mixing of opposites to create something new. As the phoenix arises, take your time, and allow the magic to emerge, allow yourself the time to bring together the dualities, the polarities into something whole, something complete, something new. 5 is the throat chakra, and the physical body. So this about being in our bodies, speaking truth from being very connected to ourselves, from embodying our truth. We are creating magic in our human bodies. We create balance in our bodies. You feel both in the body. So connect with yourself, take care of yourself as you seek to rebalance, and create magic.

Connect with Mother Earth, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and rise from your ashes to journey into yourself, into your heart, into your acceptance of all that is you. Have patience, as you combine new elements, seemingly impossible things, into something magical and new.

Have a beautiful week as we wax into the full moon next week. This week classes are focusing on the aura, this is your electromagnetic field which is all around you. We'll be balancing and strengthening it and increasing its radiance so you shine like the sun and attract positivity, happiness, joy and love into your life.

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