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Releasing the old, welcoming the new

We're all in a very strange place these days. And we're being asked to do things we feel pretty uncomfortable with. We're being asked to realise that control is an illusion, and we're being asked to give up the comfort of the known and to live in the unknown. To follow a path without knowing what it is, where it's going, how we'll go on it, or what it'll look like when we get there.

This is not something we're used to. We got quite comfortable in our lives, in believing we had control over them because we decided what job we did, where we lived, how we lived, where we went on holiday...etc. And now, in varying forms all these things have been taken from us. For each of us this will show up differently, with different challenges. But the result is the same - we've had to accept we are not in control of our lives in the way we thought we were.

And that is deeply disturbing to us. It goes to the root of things - to our sense of stability, security, belonging, and identity. If we aren't the job we do, who are we? If we aren't the personality to our friends, who are we? If we can't live in the place we wanted, how we wanted, how do we know we have security and stability?

We are being asked to live in the unknown. To follow a different path. To slow down, to listen to the voice inside us, which perhaps for the first time, can be heard without all of the distractions and busyness. And that voice might be questioning whether the job you do is really what you want to do, or whether where you live is where you want to live. Or perhaps its how you live - do you really want to return to the busyness, to the rush(hour), to the commute, and feeling disconnected from nature? Perhaps you're thinking you quite like this greater time to be in nature, to live at a slower pace, and not having the pressure to be with people all the time? Don't get me wrong, I'm missing seeing people IRL, but perhaps there's a part of you that's also enjoying some more time just with yourself.

And in this not knowing, this questioning, this exploring, we find creativity. We find new ways of living. We release some of our old ways of doing things and make space for living in new ways. Because whilst it may not always be on this scale, life is constantly about change. We are constantly being asked to give up old ways of being, old habits, old patterns, in order that we can welcome in the new. When we resist this change, this is when we feel stuck or trapped, and a lost. Change is part of life.

So with the full moon coming up this week, it's a perfect time to review what is old in our lives, what no longer serves (even if we like it), what needs to go, be pruned back, dug up, in order that something new can blossom in it's place. This isn't easy. We can get attached to ways of being, ways of doing, habits, patterns. We don't like change. But the more we accept it as part of life and go with this flow of release, change and renewal; the happier we will ultimately be. The more we recognise we are not in control of anything, except ourselves - how we behave, what we think, what we feel - the easier accepting the change, accepting the loss; the more we will also welcome the new.

Take some time this week to think about what you need to let go of, to enable you to more fully accept the not knowing, the not being in control, and to allow yourself to accept the change and welcome the new.

Classes this week are focusing on this cycle, to support you in this transformation and rebirth, with a longer class on Thursday evening to really connect with the full moon energy.

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