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Oracle spread 8-14th June

I'm a little late with the full moon having been on Friday, but I did a full moon spread for this week's post using Power Goddess Oracle cards. I love this deck and this spread, it's always so powerful and this is one hell of a reading. This reading is not pulling any punches! It's all good though, and much needed. Although the full moon has passed because it was an eclipse we're still feeling the effects of this energy, and will continue to do so until the next eclipse on the new moon in a couple of weeks.

So the spread is 4 cards in a square with the following questions:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

The cards for each position are:

  1. Morrighan - Death and Magic - 37 (empowerment message)

  2. Yhi - The Sun - 51 (alignment message)

  3. Saraswati - Mastery - 44 (alignment message)

  4. Spider Woman - Co-creation - 48 (alignment message)

I did this under the guidance of Mama Killa who is also in the deck and represents the Moon. And as this is a 4-square spread, this also connects quite nicely with the numerology grid. We can see Mama Killa as the number 5 in the middle - the physical body, the word, the throat chakra. That she's the Goddess that binds all the other cards into this, that she embodies all that's in this reading and we're seeing and speaking our truth in this full moon.

Considering the numerology grid, we can also see that Morrighan and Spider Woman are representing spirit, heart, soul, and Saraswati and Yhi are representing the positive and negative minds. So you can read this also as Mind (Saraswati, Yhi), Body (Mama Killa) & Spirit (Morrighan and Spider Woman). And in this I see a lot of light, a lot of yellow in the Mind cards, and that the way to work with the mind then is with fire, with heat, with action, with dedication, commitment, and organising. And in the Spirit/Soul cards there is a deep purple and red. Intuition, divine wisdom, rooted, grounded in a genuine stability and security from within the self and with Mother Earth. We are going from the crown chakra colour right down to the root chakra colour - allowing everything to fall down to the earth.

Given the amount of change and transformation we're all going through right now, it's really unsurprising that Death and Magic have shown up. In all the cards the message is - let go. Release what needs to die, and allow it to die. Stop hanging on to old identities, old beliefs, old habits, old patterns, old relationships - anything which is inauthentic and no longer aligning with the new you that's being birthed. In death there is magic, there is transformation and we can be reborn anew. We are all here in this moment on earth for a reason and you are being called to allow the old to go so you can fully step into that. And to trust that process without knowing the outcome. Because in that death, that emptiness, there is hope, there is new life, there is magic, there is power, there is alchemy. This is what we are manifesting - when we accept the death of all that needs to go, we open ourselves up to manifesting magic.

And the heat, the fire, the burn of the Sun is here to enable you to release all which is holding you back. All you'd rather not see about yourself, about society, about your relationships. The moon in Sagittarius is also a fire sign, and we are going through the fire, through the purge. Some horrible stuff may come up, but it's so it can be burnt away. The ego may hold on, may try to prevent you from changing, from letting go. It likes the familiar, it's its comfortable place. But to find the magic, to live your soul purpose, you must allow the ego parts which don't serve to be burnt in this fire.

Saraswati is here to say that we must stick with this process. When it gets hard, when effort and work and determination are required of you, put this in. You will not master something without putting in the work. So do the work, show up, learn, keep going. Don't allow the ego mind to lull you back to your old habits, old thoughts, old beliefs. We are birthing a new age, and birth is a difficult and painful process, and sometimes a long one too. We may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the light from the fire is strong. The only way out is through. When you dare to trust, when you dare to follow your intuition, your heart, your soul, you will find the light and you will come through the birth canal. When you accept and allow the death, the purge, and allow all which no longer serves to be burnt away, and you stick with that process, you take that leap of faith, with devotion, with commitment; magic will happen.

What comes next after all has died and been burnt up? Well we have the opportunity to start again, to be reborn, and when we have released all the old things which are holding us back, we can come to that place of co-creation. Of birthing that new age. But part of that requires us to be honest with ourselves about where we have wronged ourselves and others in the past. Where we have not been our best versions of ourselves, where we didn't know what we now know, where we had an idea but it didn't turn out as we had thought. Own the mistakes, own the learning, own the failures, so that when you do rebuild, you learn from this and create something better, something new. To do this we need to apologise and forgive. We need to forgive ourselves and others, in order that we can heal. We cannot move forward and the new seedlings won't survive if the baggage of the past is dumped on them. Dig under it, understand it, own it, forgive it, and let the fire of the sun burn it all. And then you can start to co-create from a place of love, not a place of baggage and history.

What I really love about Kundalini Yoga is its ability to enable us to do this deep work. It is the yoga of consciousness, and so in every practice we are working with allowing what needs to be released to be let out, and building stronger bodies, minds and spirits to handle our increasing sensitivity, empathy and love for ourselves and for all. Because there is no separation. Inside, we are all soul, we are all spirit, we are all intution and we all come from the same place and will return there. This week I'm focusing on the throat chakra, on number five, the physical body. And how do we embody and speak our truth, truth that must be spoken, must be manifested, from a place of love and compassion? Come join me and lets do the work together.

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