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Oracle reading 28th September - 4th October

The full moon in Aries is coming up on Thursday. This is the first of two full moons in the month of October, which is an uncommon occurrence. Full moons are always times for release, for letting go of what no longer serves. It's a time of polarities, dualities as the sun is in one sign and the moon in the opposite sign. So we are always on this see-saw balancing act between two polarities at a full moon. The trick is to recognise how we cannot fulfil one without the other.

In this full moon, we have the sun in Libra - wanting balance, harmony, peace, and commitment to important relationships. And the moon is in Aries. Aries is all about the self, connecting with who you are, what you want, and where you're going. This balancing act between your needs and the needs of others, of your relationships can throw up some strain, some tensions, as you work this see saw trying to balance your needs and others. Full moons illuminate what's been hiding in the shadows, what we haven't wanted to see, what we've been avoiding. This is so we can acknowledge it, accept it, and release it. And this full moon is focusing on where we need healing. Chiron, the wounded healer is in Aries, bringing to light our wounds, our pain. So that we can heal it and release it. But this can be quite painful, especially where we've been avoiding the pain, avoiding the inevitable. And given that this moon is all about relationship to ourselves and relationship to others, this could throw up hurts around this dynamic. The trick will be to stay with it, to allow it to flow through you, without attachment, to acknowledge it, accept it, and then release it when it's ready to go. You may find yourself needing to re-evaluate your relationship to yourself, and to others. Allow this time to work through this, observe the shifts, the emotions, but take time to choose your response, rather than reacting from a place of hurt and pain.

This is the full moon before the new moon in Libra, which is a supermoon, where the moon appears fuller, larger and brighter than normal and can bring additional intensity with what it moving through you. We can really tap into the potential and power of this new moon to create lasting change, and deep transformation. And the cards I've pulled for this full moon certainly indicate this. We can use the power of this full moon to start to move us into position in order to maximise the energy of the super new moon.

For this full moon reading I've used the oracle deck Work Your Light, which brings up some deep themes to work on this full moon, along with some beautiful imagery. There's a lot here that speaks to the Aries energy of being true to yourself, trusting yourself, and honouring who you are and your needs. Often we tend to others needs and forget our own. This reading is calling us to rebalance by remembering who we are and what we need. Can we do this in such a way that we retain peace, harmony and balance in our relationships? That is the challenge here.

The questions for the cards are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What leeson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

And the cards for each question are:

  1. Boundaries - Where do you need to establish better boundaries?

  2. Trust the niggle - What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?

  3. Dance with life - Do something to change your energy

  4. Transformation - Things are changing at a cullular level. Deep healing

We are being asked to look at our boundaries. Both within ourselves and outside ourselves. Are we holding good boundaries? Where might you be holding yourself back from being fully yourself by putting in place boundaries which limit your soul? Where are you holding self-limiting beliefs, expectations of friends, family or society? And where are your boundaries with others leaky? Where do you need to create better boundaries so you can take care of yourself, and show up for others? Lean into your 'no'. And learn to say 'no' when you need to, so you can say 'yes' and really mean it. This is a big area of work for all of us at the moment - and this Aries - Libra axis with the full moon really illuminates these polarities, these challenges of holding boundaries, of opening up the boundaries within yourself, and creating stronger boundaries outside yourself.

Release rationality. Release needing a rational and logical explanation to the feeling that you're feeling. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Stop gaslighting yourself by demanding quantitative evidence. Your body is far more intelligent than data. It knows things that may only become apparent to you much later on. Start to listen to what your body is telling you, its trying to keep you safe, trying tell you when something doesn't feel right for you. Release the need to understand this in a rational way before you listen to it and lean into that niggling feeling. Trust it, and know you may only understand what it means afterwards. You will be so glad you did. In learning to pay attention to our body signals, and in trusting them we can come to a deeper awareness of ourselves, our needs, our values, our desires. When we do this, we're more able to open up the boundaries we've created for ourselves, and create stronger boundaries with others.

The lesson we're all learning right now, is to keep moving. Being stubborn and resisting change will only cause you to stagnate, to feel stuck. By going with the flow, accepting that change is inevitable, reclaiming your power to respond to that change to support yourself, you will find that life is easier. When we start to feel stuck, the best way to get moving again is to do something different, and move your body in any way that feels good, in an unrestricted way. So dance to your favourite music, sing in your shower, go for a walk, or a run, or a cycle - shift the energy in a different way, and you'll find yourself feeling different, feeling more in flow with the changes. This is such a lesson for this year of deep and intense change, that just keeps coming. So keep dancing, keep moving, keep flowing and release the resistance to it.

And through this know that we are transforming deeply, to the core of ourselves. We are setting ourselves up through this powerful release, purge, cleanse of the full moon, for a time of deep transformation with the new moon. This whole year is about significant transformations, and awakenings, spiritual opening ups, unfoldings, flowerings. This isn't easy, as we have to let our old selves die to allow the new selves to be fully born. But you are supported and held by this full moon, by Chiron the asteroid of healing, to allow yourself and your darkest nights to be transformed by the light of the full moon, to be illuminated, and to allow yourself to shine. This is not happening to you, its happening for you. When you connect with your boundaries, are true to yourself, listen and trust your body, flow with change, you will transform into the the shining light that you are.

Much love dear ones, as we continue on this year of change, challenge, transformation, growth. This weeks classes will be harnessing the full moon's energy to bring forth deep healing, transformation, growth, and connection to self.

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