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New opportunities, trust, unfolding: Oracle spread 17-23 August

New moon in Leo on Tuesday night (UK time) - time to bring in new opportunities, new abundance, new joy, new laughter. And wow, don't we need it! We have had some very challenging astrology recently and this new moon brings some welcome relief and lightness. Some welcome fun, joy, laughter, power...the lion is roaring! We have purged so much, now it is time to welcome the new.

This is very much what is showing up in this week's reading. It's a new moon oracle spread with the Goddess Power Oracle deck - a firm favourite of mine. The big themes here are trust the unfolding, trust that all you desire is being co-created, even if you can't see it. Allow all that is for you to show up when, how and where is in your highest good - even if that isn't how you imagined it - especially if it isn't how you imagined it. You may be restricting the new opportunities that are here for you by only seeing what you expect, what you want to see. There's a lot of blue - of the third-eye chakra - inky blue - intuition, seeing the unseen, knowing the unknown. You make the most of this potent creative time by tapping into your intuition, your inner leo, rather than relying on what you see in the external world.

There is also a lot of orange and red - fire energies - in the hair of Nyx and Danu, in White Buffalo Calf Woman's headdress, in Green Tara. They are earthy energies, fire energies of the root and sacral chakras. Ground, centre, connect with your sense of stability, security, of your true self; and use this to bring your Leo fire to illuminate your path, allowing all to unfold as it will. This is very much an allowing, a 'being', a surrendering reading. In the 'doing' questions it is very much - trust, allow, surrender. This is feminine energy of the divine feminine - represented here in this orange sacral chakra colour. Even though Leo fire is masculine in energy, there is a lot of feminine energy here also. Nyx hair very much looks like a lion's mane here. Let you inner divine feminine lionness out and roar!

The card positions are:

  1. What do I need to know about the quality of my current intention?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How, if at all, do I course correct to be in better alignment with my intention?

The cards are:

  1. Danu, Assurance - 10

  2. Eostre, New Beginnings - 13

  3. Nyx, Secrets - 39

  4. Green Tara, Salvation - 17 (alignment)

  5. Yuki-Onna, Stillness - 52

  6. White Buffalo Calf Woman, Reverence - 50

Take heart, be assured, all you have planted and watered will grow shoots and leaves and flower and blossom. All you have been tending to and working on, it is not in vain, it is here now, and ready to emerge from the earth with newness, with life, with joy. Be open to opportunities and your dreams manifesting in ways you don't expect. Be open, trust, know, connect to your intuition as you allow all that is for you to unfold magically before you. Eostre brings a similar mesage. You are already co-creating. The universe has heard your prayers, your visions, your creativity. They are ready now to show above ground. They have been growing deep roots. Take heart, it is all here for you. Allow it to show up as it will - maybe in a form different from what you imagined, maybe not how or when you thought, but it will surely be here and better than you could have visioned. This is the overall theme, the overall message, the one which encompasses and holds all the others - the totality of it all. Hold it in your heart and allow it to blossom. You don't need to do anything, other than trust, allow, show up, and let it unfold.

Nyx and Green Tara also have messages of trust and allowing. You may not see the path clearly, you may not know all the steps, you may have many uncertainties and still things are unclear, but trust that all is unfolding for you to create all that you desire, you dream, you have been visioning. Some things you are not meant to know. What you can do is let go of the need for things to show up exactly as you thought they would and allow them to show up as they will. There is much abundance, much generosity, much gratitude. Allow yourself to see it. Resist the feeling of being a victim in your own story, your own narrative. All is happening for you to bring you all you desire, it isn't happening to you. You have co-created this.

Yuki-Onna brings the message that if you follow this path, if you resist the desire to 'do', to go out and push and make things happen. If you allow them to grow and unfold as they will, allow the opportunities to come into your life and you take advantage of all that is here for you, in acceptance, in assurance, in inner-knowing of your truth; then you will connect with the stillpoint within yourself. You will drop into your heart and know your meditative mind. You will be beyond dualities and you will find peace, joy, love, abundance, laughter, love. You will expand your intuition, your inner wisdom. And from this place you can come bring love, joy and peace to the earth.

White Buffalo Calf Woman offers this message of course-correction - to resist becoming the victim of your own story. Resist the polarisation, resist judgement - right/wrong, good/bad and see beauty, love and peace in all. When you show up and bring the light, bring the love, you change the energy, the dynamic. And this is so important at a time of leo fire, when things do not manifest as you expect and you may become frustrated, angry. You might project onto others. But know they are a mirror for what you are learning internally. Let go of this polarity, of judgement and see the truth of the situation. This doesn't mean you give up on your truth, but rather you understand the balance in all and you understand that love is needed in order to bring resolution, to move forward, to heal.

Classes this week are connecting with this inner-knowing, our intuition, our expanded, blissful, bountiful selves; whilst staying very centred, grounded in our stability, security, and our truth. Join me Wednesday and Thursday at 5.45pm and Monday at 7.30am UK times, on your mat, to tap into this wonderful Leo new moon fire energy and deepen your connection to yourself.

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