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New moon & solar eclipse goddess spread

Beginning again, starting over, again and again. Embracing change, embracing our power, our light, our creativity. Owning our truth and being accountable. This new moon is so much about releasing whatever is holding you back from living your truth and welcoming in new energies, new cycles, new beginnings. But these new beginnings are rooted in you giving up your powerlessness, your loss, your smallness, your fears, your avoidances, your addictions. Which can feel very challenging when this is all you've known and built your identity on. To embrace something new without actually knowing what the new is, to fully embrace your true self in all your power, your magic, your light, your truth can be very scary.

This new moon and solar eclipse Goddess spread is a really wonderful, powerful and magical reading. There is so much love, so much guidance, so much truth here. But can you hear it? Or are you still listening to the same old stories, the same old lies and living with the same habits and addictions? This new moon calls you to release this so you can move forward in this new cycle, embracing yourself fully.

Very unusally, all of the Goddesses are in the upright position and we have a lot of fours showing up in Persephone, Sophia, Saraswati, Spider Woman and the combined number in Mary. That's 5 out of 6 cards! And four is all about the heart. The heart chakra, the heart centre, the neutral or meditative mind. This is the seat of our love, compassion, kindness, patience, joy. So it's clear that anything that is being birthed here, anything created right now must come from the heart, from truth, from love. You cannot birth this from the old stories, from the ego mind trips, from the old patterns. Drop into the heart, into meditation, into being present with all that is. Be grateful for all that is, knowing with deep trust that the universe is working magic to bring you all you desire.

The questions are:

  1. What do I need to know abou tthe quality of my current intention?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How, if at all, do I course correct to be in better alignment for my highest good?

And the cards are:

  1. Persephone, Inexperience, 42 (=6)

  2. Mary, Miracles, 31 (=4)

  3. Lakshmi, Fortune, 27 (=9)

  4. Spider Woman, Co-creation, 48 (=3)

  5. Saraswati, Mastery, 44 (=8)

  6. Sophia, Divine Wisdom, 47 (= 11)

It is ok if you don't know what your intentions are right now, or you don't have full clarity on your intentions. There are things which are still hidden right now. Feel into the quality of these intentions and allow this to be enough. Come with curiosity to experience all which life has for you, with the beginner's mind to all. Know that you are at the beginning of a cycle and you don't have the experience for this yet. Acknowledge this and know that whatever is showing up for you is here for your experience, for your learning. Whatever the outcome of them, this is all part of the experience of life. Release expectations of how things will show up for you, release their forms, and experience all with curiosity, exploration and adventure. Let the Sagittarian archer guide you to shoot your arrows where they need to go, let life guide you to greater experience and divine wisdom.

By remaining open to all which shows up with curiosity, see the miracles everywhere. Everything is synchronising together for your benefit, for your joy. These things seem to arise out of nowhere. Allow yourself to be surprised and joyful with childlike glee. You are starting over again - have fun with it. Know that you are co-creating from scratch, anything can happen, it's magic. And you have all the power you need to create your desires. Lakshmi brings prosperity, fortune, magic, and your desires to fruition. Trust in her timing, her co-creation. Put your intentions out there focusing on the what and why and allow Lakshmi to bring the how, when and where. Your creations may not arise in the forms you expected, but if you come with joy, if you see the miracles, you will recognise how Lakshmi is creating all propserity and desires for you. Spider Woman says you are so powerful right now to create all you desire. Trust in her ability to bring your desires to you. Like Lakshmi she says, trust her to bring the form which is best for you. Release expectations of form, focus on the essence, on what your intentions feel like. This is a deeply powerful and magical time and you hold this power and magic in you - if you choose to fully embody it and release the fears holding you back from being your full powerful self.

If you do this, then you will embarque on a beautiful journey of learning, bringing you from the curiosity, beginner's mind and inexperience of Persephone right through to the mastery of Saraswati. Saraswati says, take this journey where it'll take you. Learn, be open, experience all, allow Lakshmi and Spider Woman to co-create the forms of your desires and through this you will gain great mastery, great learning, you gain great experience and wisdom. Devote yourself to this path and Saraswati will not let you down. Sophia says call on her when this journey is challenging. When you are unsure of what path to take, where to go, what to create, call on Sophia to guide you with divine wisdom. This wisdom deep inside you and in the universe, which is beyond this lifetime's knowing, but which you hold in every cell of you. Call on Sophia to guide you and she will show you the way. Drop into your heart, connect to the meditator's mind, connect to love, to kindness, to gratitude, and Sophia will show you the way. You do not need to know it all, or even know anything because, Sophia holds the divine wisdom for you and won't let you falter. Take every step, every choice from your heart, and you will be led with divine wisdom. When you choose from the heart the Goddesses are all with you supporting you. Trust your heart, trust your truth, trust that divine wisdom, your own expanded, vast self, won't let you down.

Much love at this beautiful birthing time. If you'd like to connect to the energies of today and this period join me for a special new moon class today at 4pm UK time. All classes this week are about our radiance, our light, and shining it for the world to see. Which we can only do when we are fully ourselves. I am also sharing a special Solstice class next Monday at 5.45pm as this is a powerful gateway period, not only as a period in the year, in nature, but also astrologically, because both Saturn and Jupiter are moving from Capricorn into Aquarius where they will be for most of the next year. They are so close together in the coming days in the sky we may be able to see them as one super bright star, especially with a dark moon. This is my last class of the year, before I too retreat, rest and restore like nature so I may share fully again with you next year.

PS. When I added the pictures to the post I realised that Mary and Lakshmi showed up in the last reading too for the full moon - which suggests that they have some powerful messages at the moment for us and their presence is not just for this moment but have been with us these past two weeks and will continue with us for some time. Look for the miracles around you and you will see how prosperity, abundance, fortune are being created for you in life. You are so loved and supported right now.

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