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New moon in Scorpio past influences reading

The new moon in Scorpio was on Sunday morning and with all new moons, felt something of a relief and a release. New moons are when the sun and moon are in the same zodiac sign, which is why the moon is obsured from the earth - giving us a black or new moon! Because they're both in the same sign they're both synchronised in providing similar energies to earth, which is why we don't feel that tension we usually do at the full moon when the sun and moon are opposite each other.

This new moon is also lunar Samhain, the shift into winter begins with longer nights and shorter days and is both a dark moon and a dark sun in the northern hemisphere. This energy is naturally drawing us inward. The new moon of darkness and shadows coupled with the drawing in of the seasons draws us into our shadows. Which is exactly where Scorpio loves to be - in all the unloved, unseen, hidden, taboo, forgotten places inside of us. These places which are begging to be acknowledged, to be accepted. This can throw up some challenges for us, but know you have the time, in the new moon shadows to feel, to be, to acknowledge what is difficult, what is shameful, what is grieving, what is lost, what is guilt, what is fear, what is rage. In feeling all the feels, we can move through this, recognising its energy and transform this energy to serve us. But we can only do this when we accept all of ourselves - this is the magic and alchemy of Scorpio.

To honour Scorpio, I chose a Goddess reading which looks to the past, to see what is there which is holding us back right now, and what is supporting us to move forward. We cannot move forward until we see what's blocking us, what of our past is limiting us.

Overseen by Mnemosyne, the Goddess who rules the past, I drew four Goddesses who are all quite ancient, and have a feeling of the ancient about them. Although Nike, a Roman Goddess is probably the most modern! What also struck me was that three of them have wings from their heads. They can fly, they can move, they are of air. We can visit the past on their wings, see what is holding us back from flying and return stronger, lighter, freer. The other thing that struck me was the gold in each of the pictures. The light, the bright, the shining. That in returning to free ourselves and let go of what's holding us back, we can more fully shine our light.

There are also two number 11's which in kundalini yoga is a special number. We tend to practice meditations for at least this amount of time to connect to the power of this number. It's very spiritual and connects us to the divine, the universe, to the cosmos. It is 10 - which is our radiance, our light, our shine which is on top of our aura, plus 1 - our soul, our truth, our purpose, who we are when we strip away all the limitations and conditioning. These two together are our totality, our completeness. This connects again to the light in the cards, the gold, and to the meaning of the reading in its totality - to be our true soul nature, shine our light through releasing the limitations of the past which don't serve.

The questions are:

  1. What theme is still active from the past?

  2. What from the past hinders my progress?

  3. What from the past aids my progress?

  4. What action do I need to take now to release the past so I can progress?

The cards are:

  1. Freya, Radical Acceptance, 15 (=6)

  2. Lilith, Independence, 29 (=11)

  3. Cerridwyn, Potential, 9

  4. Nike, Ambition, 38 (=11)

Freya is the goddess of war. A theme which is active from our pasts and coming up for us to acknowledge and accept is our polarities, our dualities, where we like to war. Lee Harris in his November energy update was speaking about how when we get very stuck in a position, on a point of view, its often an indication of hurt, of unhealed wounds. We can go to war with someone and fight our position projecting that pain, those wounds onto the other. Or we can go to war with ourselves believing we're not good enough, too much, not perfect, not beautiful, not young enough...or whatever it is. This too is a sign of needing healing. Freya asks us to find radical peace in these places of war. To acknowledge the truth of our pain and allow ourselves to heal, to rest, to restore. Old wounds from the past are coming up and Freya asks us to hold them with love, with compassion and to release the fear, the anger, the pain and instead see it for what it is - an unloved, unacknowledged, taboo, insecure, hidden part of ourselves that is looking for healing.

Lilith brings the message that what is holding us back and limiting us is believing the stories about ourselves, whether stories we've told or others have told. Lilith was named a demon for refusing to accept the first man that came along, instead honouring herself. Have the courage to release the old stories and honour your truth, your soul, your radiance. The only person that can prevent you from blooming and being your true self is you - if you believe the stories, if you accept the limitations as truth. Acknowledge, accept the stories however painful, shameful, angering they may be - and release them. Know they are not you, they are stories and you can write a new story.

Cerridwyn comes to say that whilst this work of releasing what binds us from the past is difficult, challenging, hard work at times and feeling all the feels that Scorpio asks of us is painful, awkward, full of grief, full of rage - if we go through this, if we release and do the work then we will emerge into the light, into our full potential of our lives here on earth. You have vast, unimaginable power and strength inside of you. Connect to your womb (whether literal or figurative) to the flow of life here, to the creativity, to the strength, to being you. And even as you allow all which doesn't serve anyore to flow out, connect to that strength, that power which literally creates life. You have the power to create your own reality. Bring your attention to what you are imagining and imagine the world you want to see and it will be created. Reconnect, remember your power, your magic, your creativity. You have not lost this, you have merely forgotten its existence within you. For this you need trust, you need to let go of figuring it out, of the limitations you've imposed on yourself. Release and realise your full powerful, imaginative, creative potential.

Nike brings the message to celebrate your achievements, how far you've come, all that has happened so far to bring you to where you are now. You are not being asked to see all the steps to the goal, you're being asked to take a moment and celebrate how far you've come. How are you different from who you were in January, a few months ago, a few weeks ago? How have you changed? What have you released? What new perspectives, new connections have you gained? What has shifted? How have you healed? How have you evolved? We have all been doing so much work this year in so many different ways and yet perhaps because we can't necessarily see the outcome of it externally all the time, we forget the work we've put in and what's been achieved. Take a moment, reflect on the journey so far, and celebrate your wins.

Tomorrow's pranayama (breathwork) class at lunchtime (45 minutes) is all about overcoming our limitations, our self imposed beliefs which aren't serving us and keep us small. It will really help in embodying and moving through some of this Scorpio past life work. Wednesday evening's class helps us root down, connect to the earth so that we can experience our vastness, our limitlessness and Thursday's gentle class is all about gentle movement to relax - because we cannot release from a place of tension. It will help us move and shift tension from the body, mind and spirit - to let go of what no longer serves. Join me to support your journey through this turbulent but powerfully healing week.

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