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New moon in Gemini goddess reading

The new moon is coming up on Thursday and is accompanied by a solar eclipse (unfortunately not seen this side of the world due to it being in the day time). This follows on from the lunar eclipse at the full moon that kicked off eclipse season and will run until December.

The full moon and eclipse were all about endings, letting go, releasing. Every full moon to an extent is about that, but this was a massive course correct eclipse, sweeping away everything which is distracting us, taking us down wild goose chases, or is no longer for us. It has certainly felt quite challenging to have things you thought you knew swept out from under you (again!). We're getting better at handling the uncertainty, the constant changing - we're developing resilience. But it can still bring up some big and difficult emotions and memories. Staying out of victim mode can be challenging in the face of it all, but is key for retaining personal power and agency.

This new moon, however, like all new moons, brings in new beginnings. But because the full moon was so full of really big endings - this new moon with its accompanying eclipse is a huge portal to new beginnings. Now that what no longer served, what was distracting, what was confusing, has been swept away - we can begin.

The path may still not be clear (and that is very much the case in today's reading), you may not know where you're going, but you're being asked to trust and take one small step in a direction. You don't have to know it all before you begin. And with the constantly changing landscape we now find ourselves in, what you think you know might suddenly dissappear in a moment. But you are being asked to walk it anyway. Walk in the dark and feel your way. Take one step forward and adjust to where you are from that place. This reading is very much about this - trusting, moving forward, flowing with ease, even if it's not clear.

When it's unclear we can't use external points to guide us, we have to turn inside, to the inner voice, the inner guide - our hearts. We have to listen to the wisdom within, to our intuition, our vision, our inner knowing. Allow your heart to guide you and if you don't feel it's a strong 'yes', then its a 'no'. If we follow the path of our truth, our heart, we can't go wrong, whatever is happening in the external world.

The cards are:

  1. What is the quality of my intention at this moment? Water Gift, 26 = 8

  2. How can co-create from most empowered self? The maiden, 10

  3. What do I need to do to ignite the magic of my intentions? Ker, 7

  4. What action do I need to take to co-create with the universe? The dark cave, 36 = 9

  5. What is the possible outcome of this situation? The moon maiden, 42

  6. How, if at all, can I course correct for my highest good? The Labyrinth, 37

We are being encouraged to be more like water - to flow around all obstacles. To be focused in our resolve to our vision. Water also flows in new directions that are available to it, when it finds immovable parts of land. We are being asked to be more adaptable in our direction and know that there are many ways and routes to the same place. We are being asked to connect with our emotions and to bear witness to all that is arising for us at the moment. That is, not to either become overwhelmed by them, nor avoid or ignore them, but to be present with what is there, accept and love it, and know that it is part of you, it is not all of you.

We are at the beginning, we are starting again. Like the cycles of life that the moon demonstrates to us every day, we are at the beginning and we're being asked to shoot for the moon. To focus on where we're going and to begin that journey. We may not know the path, we may not be able to see it, but we're being asked to create it anew. So there are many strange twists and turns on this path, but ultimately it'll bring you to your moon that you're seeking. The challenge is to know that with all the options around you, all the possibilities - which will you focus on? Which will you train your bow and arrow on?

Ker invites you to connect and ground. Nurture yourself and everything around you, whether that is physical babies or your creative projects, plants, skills...whatever is showing up in your life to be nurtured. Commit to this process of nurturing and know that you don't need to do it alone. Connect with others. Just as a tree's roots reach far and wide under the earth, so too can your network of supporters, who will nourish and nurture you, as you nurture them. Remembering to nurture, ground and centre yourself. Whatever your vision is, focus on what is in front of you - take that small step, and then commit to nurturing it.

The path isn't clear. We know this. But we're being asked to walk it anyway. We're being asked to face our biggest fears with as much grace as we can muster - knowing we are bigger than our fears - and to walk into the darkness. We have fire to support us - the flame, the light, the power, the determination, the courage to do this. Walk deep into the cave, into the earth and know that this is the journey - this is the path you're supposed to walk. Trust it. Trust yourself, even if you can't see.

The possible outcome of this path is that we connect more deeply to the rhythms and cycles of all. We learn from the moon, we learn from the earth and reconnect to our own deeply encoded rhythms, which modern life so often tries to disconnect us from. We will learn that there are seasons - it's not all summer or all winter - we transition. Life is constantly in flux, constantly changing, constantly growing. Including us. Every cell in our body is renewed in 40 days - you are an entirely different person every 40 days. We will learn so much more about these cycles which govern us, and to work with them, rather than resisting them.

We can course correct by realising that the path we're being asked to walk is a maze, a labyrinth. There are many paths through this. But it is a meandering, non-direct path and it is an unclear, and changing path. A labyrinth in water cannot be understood by just looking at it. We are being called to walk it. No doubt the waters will shift and the view will change as soon as we enter. But this is our path. There may be delusions, illusions, lack of clarity - but we will find our way if we keep putting one foot in front of the other and enjoy this journey, because this is life.

Join me this week for classes on Monday at 7.15pm, Wednesday 5.45pm (online) and Saturday 8am (at Calm Collective, Sidcup). Last classes for a little while as I'm taking a break. This week we will capture the magic of the new moon in the classes, and open ourselves to new opportunities.

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