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New moon in Capricorn

The first new moon of 2021, the first moment of new beginnings in a new era, a new cycle, a new year. This is the first moment since the solstice in 2020 to welcome in the new of this era. Since that point we have been shedding the old, we have been dying, burning all to ash, so that we can be reborn anew.

We are in the birthing canal. We are in the process of creating and this new moon, the dark wolf moon, is our first glimmer of light. We are breaking out of the cocoon, but we are still to figure out how to move with wings and not legs; how to be a butterfly and not be a caterpillar. So we might fall on our faces, fly into things, get a bit confused, a bit lost. We may miss our legs, get a bit frustrated with our wings. We are at the beginning again. We have to start over, begin again, and start from square one.

Because it is the beginning there is this energy of raring to go, of wanting to move forward, but if we we rush off into the dark of the new moon without knowing how to use the wings we can fly the wrong way, into the wrong things. So because we are beginners once more, we need to take our time and learn, experience, and not rush the process. This is the message of the Goddesses as well.

The other overall messages they bring is that we are deep in creativity, in creation, in birthing, in beginning again. We are full of it, pregnant with it. Gestating what is to come. This is in all the orange of the cards - sacral chakra. Connect with that flow of water, of movement (but not the movement of air, the rushing, gusty wind; but the flowing, the smoothness, the patience of water). When we connect to this within us, our divine mother energy, the divine feminine of creativity and creation then we can bring forth and birth our truth, our voice, and our intuition as signified by the blues; light for the throat chakra and dark for the third eye chakra. But this needs to come from within us, not from the outside. It needs to be our truth, not others. We need to learn through experience, through embodying the process, through flowing with cycles, seasons, timings. We cannot learn this from others. We need to embody it.

This spread really demonstrates new beginnings in so many ways. We have Lilith and Demeter next to each other - both numbers are 11 - 11:11 - the angel numbers of new beginnings. In karam kriya numerology 11 is the totality of everything. 1 plus 1 is 11 in karam kriya and not 2 because 2 is duality. 11 is the combining the essence of one, of seed, of potential, of that igniting spark with another - this creates something which is more than the sum of its parts. But we start with one, with I, with the seed, with the truth. Kali the Goddess of death, destruction, liberation brings the promise of transformation through cutting cords with beliefs, thoughts, actions which don't align to our truth. Danu, the number 10 - the radiant body - and also including 1, is also about new beginnings and trusting the seeds (1, beginnings, potential) are growing and will bloom. Mama Killa is all about cycles, timings, seasons, and flowing with these - of recognising where we are in the cycle. Which, right now, is the beginning.

The questions are:

  1. What do I need to know about the quality of my current intention?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How do I course correct to be in better alignment with my intention?

The cards are:

  1. Mama Killa, The Moon, 32 =5, (A)

  2. Artemis, Focus, 4, (A)

  3. Danu, Assurance, 10

  4. Demeter, Nurturer, 11

  5. Lilith, Independence, 29 = 11

  6. Kali, Liberation, 25 = 7

All overseen by Nyx, the Goddess of Secrets, 39 = 3 (Positive mind)

All the Goddesses today seem to be bringing very similar messages (and interesting to see that we no longer have Lakshmi and Mary here. Although I didn't post a blog for the full moon, they showed up in my reading for then also - so that was 3 concurrent readings at the end of last year), with some slightly different slants. Demeter has the most different message of them all. Overall their message is:

Allow life to show up on life's terms. Allow your desires to manifest as they will. Let go of expectations; the how, when and where of your intentions. This desire to only see your intentions manifest exactly as you have imagined them to means you are closing yourself off from seeing them manifest in the way that is in your highest good, and holding an energy of resistance to them manifesting at all. The Goddesses ask you to let go of this and sink into flow - flow of the moon, of cycles, of seasons. Let go of your fixed focus and allow yourself to take in the bigger picture. Trust all is happening for you in the right time, for your joy. Let go of other's expectations, values, beliefs, thoughts. Let go of wanting to be liked because when you accept and love yourself as you are, recognise your power, your expansiveness, your heart, you are free, you are independent from social conditioning, you are liberated. When you set intentions for your life from your heart and let go of the outcomes they will manifest in surprising and wonderful ways.

Demeter comes to say that the way to do this is by sharing. Share what you have with others, from a place of fullness, not of half emptiness. Share from a place of abundance, of joy, of nurturing others. And receive what others want to give you. It may not be what you thought you wanted but might turn out to be a wonderful unexpected gift. Allow yourself to be nurtured, to be treasured, to receive as much as you share with others from your own abundance.

Mama Killa says recognise which season, which cycle you're in. Recognise the moon is new, it is dark, it is full of potential but it is not manifesting right now. We seed our intentions right now, for the future and then with Danu's help we allow these to flourish and grow in their own right timing. We allow the seeds to sprout and grow underground without digging them up and checking to see how they're doing. We stay grounded and in flow with water, with our hearts, with our joy. Artemis says release your focus on your goals. Too much of a fixed focus (which can happen in Capricorn energies) means you miss the bigger picture. You may end up shooting yourself in the foot if you keep aiming your arrow with such a narrow focus/expectations. Let go, release the bow, rest, regroup, and allow things to happen as they will.

Lilith says that if you have independence of mind, of soul, of spirit then you can never be a victim to what life is throwing you. It is all happening for you, not to you, so you can be the person you need to be to manifest your dreams. Let go of victimhood, be very careful of your words right now, take ownership and responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs, actions, boundaries. If you do, you will have true freedom and independence. If you depend on what other's think for your own acceptance, you will continue to be trapped by this victim mentality. Kali comes to say she is here to help you cut the cords to anything which no longer serves you. Whether that is relationships, jobs, activities or beliefs, thoughts, habits, patterns. She is here to liberate you from what prevents you from living your truth. But you have to be willing to walk the path of your truth. To walk it even if it means walking it alone. To walk it anyway because its the only real path for you. All the Goddesses also bring this message of remember who you are, your greatness, your vastness, your power, your truth. And then set intentions in alignment with this truth. Then let them manifest as they will, continuing to take ownership of all which shows up for you.

It may feel hard to write clear intentions about what you'd like for the year. You may feel a lack of clarity and this is for good reason. Its because it needs to come from your truth. So start here. Start with discovering your truth. Ask yourself who do I want to be? How do I want to be? How do you want to be in the world? What does that look like. Not in terms of actions, but in terms of being. Who do you need to become to be the person who creates your future? Set intentions which illuminate the truth of the answers to these questions. What flows from these questions may not gain clarity until Spring, but know that this is all about right timing and being in flow with the cycles which are in all. Know your seeds are sprouting and setting down roots. Let them take the time to do this.

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