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New beginnings, transformation, release: tarot reading 10-16th August

"Wait. What are you waiting for?

Look. What are you looking for?

Is there something in the way in the way you hold on tight to change? Then let go, my friend. The beginning is the end. You have always been. The beginning is the end.

Upasana. We dance inside the storm.

Sutasatva. We will be forever one. You are strong, you are patient, you are kind.


~ Sam Garrett

The Leo sun is currently intense and unrelenting. It continues to bear down, persisting. And all around us, and inside of us the storms swirls. We are batted about from pillar to post, trying desperately to hang onto the weeds at the side. Wanting desperately for things to feel 'normal', to be familiar. And we wait to see what happens, we wait to have some certainty.

But there is no normal. There is no familiar. It isn't happening. There isn't certainty. So let go, my friend. Stop grasping at the weeds. Let go and flow into the middle of the storm. Stop trying to push through and control what you cannot control. Come inside, connect to yourself. You won't find any answers outside, in the external world. All the answers are inside you. You are strong, you are patient, you are kind. Come home to you. Come home to Adi Shakti - the primal, generating, creative power. She is wise, she is kind. She is the divine feminine. She is inside all of us, but especially those of us who are biologically women. She is that creative life force. Come home to mother. Come home to nurturing. Love her. Not for what she can do for you - not for what she can produce, what she can create. Love her for her cyclical, emotional, powerful, waxing and waning self. That is pure power right there. That is pure love. Don't dismiss the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows. Don't push through the tiredness, don't ignore the warning signs. When she wanes, release. When she ebbs, let go and rest. If you don't, you will burn out in the Leo sun. Don't keep doing, keep on with the action when she is calling you home to her. Come and rest, flow in her waters, come and dance inside the storm.

The cards speak of new beginnings, transformation, release, new days, of new paths and releasing old burdens. It also speaks of endings, because in all endings are beginnings and all beginnings are endings. There is the energy of 1 - in the Ace - in the centre, encompassing all - and there is the energy of completion, of totality - 10 in the Sun, in the Ten of Wands. Beginnings and endings 1 and 10 - they are the same. These are the cycles of Adi Shakti, of the waxing and waning. They are the same.

I did a sacred numerology mind-body-spirit spread. This spread also gives us the masculine and feminine energy balance and here we see the messages of Adi Shakti. 1/9 and 3/7 are masculine numbers and 2/8 and 4/6 are feminine numbers. The left side is masculine the right is feminine. And we see the mind and spirit aspects cross diagonally across this incorporating masculine and feminine energies in both.

Overall the messages here are of shining your light, burning bright, which is only possible when we have released burdens and can follow our path, when we let go. We shine bright when we connect to our love, our creativity, our watery depths. This light is not about ego, but about pure strength, pure power, pure creative force - pure Adi Shakti. We also have a lot of blue - sharing our truth, sharing our story. We shine our light when we step out of the facade and share our truths. We move forward when we are honestly ourselves, sharing ourselves from our pure, creative, source of strength. This is power - our power is our truth.

The cards themselves are:

1/9 (soul/subtle body, masculine) - King of Swords (reversed) - Spirit

2/8 (negative mind/pranic energy, feminine) - Death/Rebirth - Mind

3/7 (positive mind/aura, masculine) - The Sun - Mind

4/6 (neutral mind (heart)/arclines, feminine) - Ten of Wands (reversed) - Spirit

5 (physical body/throat) - Ace of Wands

At the centre of it all - Ace of Wands - new beginnings - new personal and spiritual potential. You are embarking on a new personal and spiritual journey, you are upleveling to new levels of consciousness. The fire is ignited, you have the spark, the passion, the seed. And this is embodied in you, in your physical body. You begin by speaking your truth - 5 - is the throat chakra - blue - which we see across the cards - you embody this flame, this new beginning in speaking your truth, and most importantly, in listening to yourself. Listen to the depths of you, from where this flame originates. Don't get transfixed by its external brightness, go to its core, to its heat.

The mind cards speak more of flame, of fire, of rebirth, of rising like the phoenix from the ashes to shine like the sun that you are. Your minds are balanced in this respect - they are in alignment with coming out of the ashes and shining like the sun. Rebirth, renewal, transformation of butterflies, of phoenix. All the pain, sorrow, death, grief you have been through, release and rise and shine. This is held by the flame of the ace of wands in the middle. This comes from your mind obeying your will, your Adi Shakti, your pure creative power. You can shine with joy when your minds align with your truth, when they stop their running around trying to control, trying to fix, trying to push. And your truth is your neutrality in the heart centre - the meditative mind - the divine feminine - Adi Shakti - in your heart centre, in your sacral chakra, your third-eye. When you shine, you'll see the way, you'll see the steps, you'll flow in your pranic energy - the life force energy - this is energy flow, as your breath flows in and flows out. Cycles, as you breathe in, so you must breathe out. Every in-breath begins with the out-breath. The beginning is the end. This is divine feminine energy - the kundalini mata shakti.

The message for spirit is you yearn to be free. You are making great personal strides in developing your power, presence, capacities. You want to follow the crows on the path they show you. However, you are overburdened. You are weighed down so that you can't see the path because you can't look up and see the direction of the crows. Your spirit is calling to you, to ask you to release your burden. Set it down. See that the ten of wands is reversed. Let that weight fall off you and into the inky night sky. This may be old identities, old beliefs. You cannot move forward into who you'll become until you let go of who you were. It might be responsibility for other people. You are only responsible for you. Let go of the weight of the responsibility of other's paths. That route only leads to feeling like a victim. You cannot walk their path for them. You can only follow yours. Be free of other people's paths, other people's stories - it's not for you. This is in the heart position, the neutral mind. Are you carrying grief, loss, sorrow, heartbreak around? It's also the arclines where we carry the energies of people close to us. Sometimes the grief and loss can be a heavy burden. Sink into the heart centre, return to mother nature, and let yourself heal. Let yourself be mothered in the great arms of Adi Shakti. She will help you find your way to release it and move forward.

Great new, beautiful, wonderful, powerful, radiant new beginnings are here for you, if you can let go of what was, to allow the new in. If you can recognise that the beginning is the end and release all which doesn't serve the new. Let go of your burdens, look up, and let your white steed take you on the journey your soul desires, lighting up with pure divine feminine power, connected to your cycles and rhythms - knowing that the cycles are about constant change, constant evolution. This way you flow, you rest in the eye of the storm, you dance with life. You stop fighting, controlling, pushing, getting, competing. Take rest, listen deeply to yourself, your great power, she will not lead you astray.

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