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Move out of your head and into your flow: Oracle card reading 27 July - 2 August

We are in Leo season now and we are being called to show up authentically. To let go of all which doesn't align with our truth, which we inherited, or society put on us, which isn't who we are. Both in each of us individually and in society and globally we are seeing this emerge. The need to shine in our own authentic truth, whatever that may be for you. You may have questions around habits or patterns or beliefs you have held for a long time, maybe your whole life, that you've previously held without question. Now all of a sudden you might find that you're questioning its validity, its truth for you, its version of reality.

This may provoke anger, frustration, fear, insecurity, questions about self-worth and self-respect. Stick with it. It can be challenging to look at things you previously took for granted, that were so ingrained you were sure they were who you are. And now this is being turned around and inside out, so you can find your truth, your authentic self. And when you do, you'll find your light, your unique wonderful self, and you'll start to see your path, to know what is calling to you, what lights you up with love, joy, passion, and moves you to go wherever it takes you. But right now, until all is shaken up, these things may be a little unclear, a little blurry. So allow the shaking, the destabilising, the questioning. Allow what must to arise and hold it with love and compassion in your heart centre. It has served you well in its purpose until now. Recognise all it brought you, as well as all it kept from you. And when you're ready, release it with love and blessing. But don't rush this process in an attempt to let go before all parts of you are ready, because you'll find it'll just come back around to you in another guise if you rush to release without allowing your process.

Today's oracle card reading really reflects all of this. I used the Work Your Light oracle cards which are a really beautiful and potent deck. And I used a 5-card mind, body, spirit with numerology and spiritual bodies reading. This is one I've created using a layout from sacred numerology in Kundalini Yoga.

The overall reading is really about moving out of your head. Stop trying to work things out, stop trying to hold it all together, stop trying to make sense of it all. Just stop and allow your mind to take a break. And instead drop into the heart space, into your flow, because it is here that you'll find you awaken, you realise new things, you see the next step. Listen from your heart to what your soul desires, stop trying to figure it all out in your head.

The cards are:

1/9 - Soul & Subtle body (spirit): The great gathering

2/8 - Negative mind & pranic body (mind): Answer the call

3/7 - Positive mind & aura (mind): Awakening

4/6 - Neutral mind (heart) & arclines (spirit): Birthing a new age

5 - Physical body (body): Dance with life

The number 5 sits at the centre of everything. It's where all the numbers connect (the numbers always add up to 10 - which is the totality of everything). Everything connects through our physical bodies. As spiritual beings having a human experience, this is how we experience this life, this is how we connect to our humanity - through our bodies. And this reading calls us to really connect with the body and use it to express our deepest desires, our emotions, all that is happening with us. Move the body in time with what we are feeling, with what wants to be expressed. This is how we can move the energy in our bodies. Wherever it is feeling stuck, or in pain, or unsettled or uncertain - just allow the dance to move your body with it. And if you can't dance, move your body in a way that feels good for you, that enables you to connect with who you are, with your humanity. And in this way, it will hold all else for you, it is your container for your experience. So everything else can be experienced through its expression in your body.

When we dance we get out of the headspace and into our heartspace. Into our bodies and out of our heads. And the mind cards are also calling for this. By dancing we can connect with our true selves and so awaken within us what is wanting to be birthed - whether that's our calling, the next step on our path, what is lighting you up, making you passionate, engaging and absorbing you. It's calling you to stop over-thinking it and feel into your flow through the body, through movement. Use movement to allow you to let go of the reeds by the side of the river and allow yourself to move into the current, into the flow of the river of your soul. Allow what wants to awaken in you to do so, allow what wants to light up to be uncovered so you can see the path. Your soul is asking you to let go of figuring it out and allow yourself to go with the flow. It's not a trying or grasping, or working it out. It's a genle release, a surrender to what is happening anyway. It doesn't matter if it all makes sense right now, just go with the current. Let it take you, surrender to the flow of the river.

And in this process of dance and allowing your true self to emerge, you will find that actually you are not alone. Others are experiencing it too. We are all waking up, emerging, uncovering, unveiling to stand in our truth. You'll find others like you who are seeing their paths light up and following their passions, we are all being called together now, more so than ever before. So even as you go within, notice also how others are being activated around you, how you are being drawn to others like you, so that we can birth this new age together. You may not know how, or when you're doing this or exactly what it'll look like. It may feel too big for you to hold, you may have doubts. Do not worry, do it anyway, go where the river takes you, because where it is taking you is to others like you so that you can birth what is coming next, together. Your heart knows the way, hold it open like a rose, and allow what needs to flow, to flow through you and into the world. The old has gone - the 'new normal' is something quite different from before - it's not going to be like it was again. More still needs to change, but each of us, as we make different choices, as we choose to go with our flow, to listen to how our bodies want to move, to what our truth is, what is our passion, is changing the world from the inside to the outside, to create a different reality in the internal and the external.

All you need to do is stop trying to figure it all out, and surrender to the flow of your life and where it is calling you - from inside, from the movement of your body, and not from the old patterns, habits, beliefs which have been imposed on you in this lifetime and in your ancestors and previous lives. You don't need those anymore, they are not you, not your truth, they no longer serve. So move, flow, dance, and allow your soul to show you what's next on your path.

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