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Full moon in Virgo Goddess reading

After a hiatus from the cards for a month on this blog, I have come back to the Goddesses for the full moon reading. Full moon was early Saturday morning and was in Virgo, opposing the sun in Pisces.

After all the drama of the February astrology, which felt incredibly intense to me, to the point where I really had to just give up any sense of control (yet again...this is something that keeps asking to be learnt!), and surrender to where I was. Surrender to the emotion, surrender to the situation, surrender to what my body was telling me. So the Virgo full moon felt like it picked me up and put me on my feet again. It helped me ground, connect to the earthy virgin Goddess - reminding me of the power of devotion, dedication to the truth, and to see beauty in all. And it felt like Spring arrived here in London this weekend also. So it was like an emergence after a dark, dark winter - nature's way of reminding us about change and cycles.

The cards wanted to do something different than normal. For starters, they kept jumping out the pack - they were highly energised! And then when I drew them, they wanted to be rearranged. And instead of Mama Killa coming through to oversee the reading, Morrighan came instead with her death and magic. And she is perfect for it, as she is 37 which is 10 - the radiance we hold around our electromagnetic bodies (auras), she is our shine, our light. And you'd think that in death the light goes- but actually, she frees us to fully shine, turning all to ash which holds us back. She is the totality of it all, the shine around the outside.

So here we are, we have a full moon reading combined with a karam kriya (sacred numerology) reading, because this is what the Goddesses demanded (and you don't say no to a Goddess - let alone 5 of them!). Overall the messages really relate to my feeling of the full moon - They say to let go, have fun, see the beauty everywhere - see Spring awakening - connect to the earth, and see her beauty. In seeing beauty, in celebrating who you are, in your fullness, in celebrating how far you've come, you will find your way into flow again, into creativity, in to budding with blossoms for spring. We cannot be afraid to shine, we must let our fears die - whatever they may be - fears of not being enough, or of being too much, fears of our greatness (because it is not our smallness we fear but our vastness), fears we will fail, fears of letting go and having nothing. In allowing our fears to go, we will be reborn as our true shining, bright, beautiful, creative selves.

Here are the full moon questions:

  1. What is the the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

And the Goddesses:

  1. Benzai-Ten, Beauty, 6

  2. Nike, Ambition, 38 = 11

  3. Rhea, Flow, 32 = 7 (A)

  4. Brigid, Creative Spark, 8 (A)

  5. Morrighan, Death & Magic, 37 = 10 (A)

Beauty, is that initial spark, that initial seed. To plant beauty, to break this seed open, we must be intimately connected with our arclines, our energy fields where we can hold emotion, where we protect our heart and head, where we hold our feelings for others. These need to be clear to create beauty. Otherwise, the beauty is muddied by feelings for ourselves or others, by limiting ourselves to others standards. We must be willing to break open and die like the seed in order to bring forth beauty. Spring is here! Nature is asking us to look at her, to see her beauty, to see beauty all around us and in all people. Beauty is the manifestation in the physical realm of the energy of allowing our light to shine. Nature is not afraid of death, of rebirth, of repurposing what is falling away to feed what is arising. Nature knows these cycles intimately. Stop, learn from her. Allow yourself to be cracked open, allow yourself to die to all of the fears you hold, so that beauty can emerge.

Rhea comes to say let go of the banks, of all that is familiar to you, and allow the river to sweep you to unexpected and unknown waters. Stop trying to hold back the river, the flow. Allow it to wash away your fear and sink into its depths. 7 is is for the auric body - our electromagnetic field all around us. How strong and bright this is relates to how fearful we are. If we play small, stuck in our fears then our aura is small and we allow other's energies in. If we are bright and strong, releasing fears then we project out our energy to the world and others are magnetised to it. Cleanse your aura, expand your aura by flowing into unknown depths. We are in Pisces season - the season of the ocean. Allow the Pisces energy to sweep you into its depths. Allow it to lead you to feeling all you need to feel, release all you need to release. Allow everything to unravel, to end, to become undone. We are nearing the end of the zodiac. Aries awaits us with the spark of new life. But before we can create that spark, we must allow our illusions to dissolve, our fears to dissolve, we must allow ourselves to go where we haven't been before, and allow the running rivers, unfrozen by spring, to carry us to new places.

Nike says this is a process. Take the time to celebrate you. Celebrate your light, your process, and how far you've come already. Even as you release and let go, sinking into flow, remember who you are and allow yourself to shine as you are. We are harvesting our acceptance of ourselves in all our glory. We are letting go of feeling like we are too much or not enough, of keeping ourselves small to fit other's expectations and desires. We are exactly enough for ourselves. We can achieve our goals, our ambitions, to be all we need to be this lifetime, if we accept ourselves for who we are - light and dark. We can shine if we choose ourselves, our lights, our truth over everything else and anyone else.

The opportunity to laugh, to play, to let go of seriousness is offered us by Brigid. She says the way to creativity - the way to that spark of Aries - is through play, through laughter, through not taking ourselves or our current circumstances too seriously. Let go of expectations you've placed on yourself of what you should be doing, should be being, should be having. And play with all you have in front of you. Play without outcome, without expectation, simply for the sheer joy of it and you'll be surprised how much beauty flows from this place of play. 8 is for the pranic body. Prana is energy, its flow. It's best understood as the flow of energy in our breath - the inhale and the exhale. It is our life force energy. We cannot live without it. And yet breathing is automatic, unconscious. When we get in the flow, recognising that we cannot inhale unless we first exhale, then we understand creativity.

Creativity comes in waves, in flow, in movement and energy and then in moments of stillness and consciousness. It flows in, it flows out, it pauses. When we bring consciousness to our pranic energy, we can consciously co-create with the universe. Allow the magic of Morrighan to work through you as you play and breathe into the ashes of your fears, planting seeds of beauty, watered with your light, your joy, and the rivers of Spring's hopes and dreams.

This week's classes are connecting to all these elements, whilst drawing in a strong focus on calming stress, anxiety and depression. Monday's class connects us to flow and to stillness, to prana, to patience and to allowing us to see what is. Wednesday's class brings in play and laughter, movement and seeing beauty in all. Thursday's class juxtaposes movement, flow and prana with stillness and awareness.

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