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Full moon in Libra Goddess reading

This is a wonderful full moon. Still full of intensity, power and illumination as all full moons are, but she also brings clarity, insight to our paths as well as to what is blocking it. And it's the full moon for close relationships and partnerings. She brings balance to relationships and helps us to see how we can be ourselves within relationships and how relationships can help to restore balance within us.

We also have a week of astrology where we are starting a new 8-year cycle. Venus is conjunct the sun in Aries which brings powerful initiating energies particularly around relationships and money. With Saturn in Aquarius forming a supporting trine it means that whatever we intend at this time, Saturn is supporting and will ensure happens. Of course it won't look like how you imagined it, so the key is to stick with the essence of the intention, focusing on how you want to feel, who you want to be, rather than the form of what you want.

So this reading reflects all these aspects and I've chosen a spread from Biddy Tarot this time. I found it quite revealing. Overall the big themes are boundaries - boundaries with yourself, boundaries with others. When you start to give yourself space to open up to the flow of creativity, of abundance, of sensuality in your own life, within yourself it opens up doors for opportunities. However, boundaries with others are crucial for this balance and to give yourself the space you need to allow the creativity to flow. Finding that balance between your needs and others is also key. Making sure you take the space and time you need to nurture yourself as well as others. Without this, we cannot be of service to others and we become burnt out, drained and exhausted. Another theme is nature, the earth, and cycles - reconnecting to nature, to the earth, to the cycles which are everywhere, knowing that with everything you are somewhere in the cycle. Becoming more grounded and more consciously aware of the earth supports moving forward in cycles, supports growth, supports creativity.

The other key theme is the blue in many of the cards. It's an intense blue, which connects to intuition, to the third eye, to seeing beyond the known. Mercury is still in Pisces right now, so rather than being rational and mind based, we are being asked to feel into how we communicate, what words we use, how we speak our truth. We're being asked to feel into how we're moving forward. Embracing the depths, and drawing our truth from here. Not shying away from the shadows, but seeing how the moon is illuminating those shadows which are coming up and are wanting to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be heard.

The questions are:

  1. What support might I benefit from to help me make the best choices?

  2. What can I do to create more balance in my closest relationships?

  3. Where is the greatest imbalance in my life right now?

  4. What do I need to release in order to be more aligned moving forward?

  5. What do I need to do to feel more steadfast in my decision making?

  6. How can I manifest more beauty in my life?

And the Goddesses are:

  1. Aphrodite, Romantic Love, 2

  2. Kali, Liberation, 25= 7

  3. Gaia, Earth, 16 = 7

  4. Danu, Assurance, 10 (A)

  5. Demeter, Nurture, 11

  6. Mama Killa, The Moon, 32 = 5

You will be most supported by tapping into your source energies - at the Yoni - the sacral chakra, the womb (energetically). This is your place of creativity, abundance, desire, sensuality. From here all life flows. Yoni shakti flows throughout the whole body. When this part of our lives is shut down, contained, constrained, made small, it affects the whole of us. Because we are here to create, to flow, to move, to desire. When you are connected to this source of the divine feminine, the Great Goddess within you, then you'll make the best choices. Choices which come from who you are, why you're here and what you want to experience. These are not choices made with the rational mind, but from a place of pure energy, of pure desire, of passion. Often they are choices of duality - this or that, either/or, good/bad. But when we're in flow we can move beyond these binary choices and see that balance is achieved through the blending of these options, which often creates the sum of more than its parts. And in this process we connect to love. Our love, universal love, the love of others.

Good, healthy boundaries are needed to create greater balance in relationships. Boundaries with yourself and what is important to you, and boundaries with others so that you can protect the space that you need to be you. Often we fail to have healthy boundaries because we're caught in victim stories. These are stories which spill into relationships. Or we worry that they won't like us any more, or will judge us if we hold a boundary. Kali says, cut through these old ways of being, of thinking, of relationships. Victimhood, lack of boundaries and doing things to please others are outdated, and do not serve you. It may be hard to let these go as you've always lived this way, but Kali lends her swords to cut these cords and enable you to develop good boundaries which enable you to live the life you came here to live, in relationship to others.

Our greatest imbalance right now is with the earth. So often we are rushing about, too busy, trying to do too many things (probably because of a lack of boundaries, so we're saying yes to too many things!), rushing over this earth and becoming tired, worn down, stressed. Gaia comes to say, slow down, reconnect to Mother Earth. Be in nature, breathe, notice how you are part of the earth. Ground and reconnect to yourself. The sacral chakra too has a grounding energy - through the pelvis we find our energies grounding down into the Earth. Sit on the earth, or stand and feel how you are rooted into Mother Earth. Feel her nourish and support you, enabling you to pause, to rest, to regain balance.

Our relationship with the earth is also out of balance. Consider how you can lighten your load on the Earth. What might you be able to do to support Mother Earth and come into a healthier relationship with her. Whether this is litter picking, reducing your packaging, recycling more, using less toxic products, considering your carbon footprint, changing your eating habits...think about how all you do is in relationship with the earth. How do you want that relationship to be?

Danu comes to say release the need for everything to show up as you want, when you want, how you want. Allow the universe to co-create your intentions with you, bringing with you the essence of them rather than the form. Danu says, all creativity is in cycles. What cycle are you in? You cannot fight the cycles - just like the moon, the seasons, our own cycles - the best we can do is align to the cycles. Rest assured your intentions are growing, putting down roots. You may not see the buds yet, but they will be there. Trust, release doubt, release lack of faith, release trying to do things out of cycle, and relax into the trust of the cycles, knowing it will come around when the time is right.

We can create stability, steadiness in our choices through creating good boundaries (again)! By finding that balance between giving yourself what you need, and then offering and sharing with others from your abundance, brings an energy which is clean. It creates healthy relationships, which support healthy choices. When your boundaries are good and you are clear what serves you, you will find that what serves you, also serves others. Nurture yourself, as you nurture others. This will ensure we don't flip flop in our decisions of either saying no to everything, or saying yes, and then saying no, or saying yes and becoming burnt out, or saying yes and then not delivering. This creates instability, insecurity. Steadiness is created through good boundaries.

Mama Killa, the moon, she of the full moon, she of the cycles, says, all is happening in cycles. All cycles are of creativity. Sometimes we wax, sometimes we wane. Sometimes we're full, sometimes we're empty. Return to nature, to the cycles, and when you flow and allow the cycles to be as they are, you will find you are surrounded by beauty. Stop fighting the cycles. Start to see how you are connected to all the cycles. Start to see how the cycles support. There are pause points for a reason. Otherwise you'd burn out. They restore consciousness, stillness, a return to self. See the beauty of the moon, of the cycles, of nature, of your life unfolding in cycles and you'll see that beauty is all around you.

This week in classes we'll be connecting to the flow of cycles, grounding ourselves with mother earth, creating and initiating the new cycles, releasing old patterns and outdated beliefs so that we can move forward.

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