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Full moon in Leo Goddess reading

This is coming a little early for the full moon but I am sure that what needs to come through is doing so and it is the right timing for it. The full moon is Thursday evening in the UK and is in Leo.

After some extremely challenging energies from planets opposing and squaring each other since the new moon (and right up to the full moon), this full moon brings some welcome relief and release. Leo encourages us to have fun, to lighten up. To see our light and share it with the world. Leo calls us to lead from our hearts, to speak our truth with love and to move forward with courage.

The moon in Leo is opposing the Sun in Aquarius, as well as Saturn and Jupiter at the full moon. Aquarius is about to become very busy with planets all shifting over the coming two weeks into or near Aquarius. The moon at full moon is shining its light over what we need to release in Aquarius for this full moon. We need to let go of expectations, of future forecasting in such a way that we shut ourselves off to things manifesting how they want to, rather than how we want them to. The moon will shine its light on where we need to commit, do the work, have courage and determination to work to move forward and also where we are seeking expansion and wisdom. We will be asked to release anything which is keeping us small, keeping us in attachment to expectations, any resistance to working on areas which need work. But with all of this, Leo shines brightly. This is all to see how we can shine our light more clearly, more proudly, more expansively.

And the cards all point to this as well. They are all about releasing expectations, releasing attachments, release trying to figure things out, release form and rigidity about how to create, how to imagine, how to manifest, and bring laughter, joy, fun and flow back in. I noticed three of them are single digit numbers - we're at the start again - we're learning, we're beginning again - so we need to let go of how we think it should go, what we think we know, and bring a beginner's mind, and a childlike spirit to it. There are feathers or birds in three cards too - we are being asked to explore our wings, to learn to fly, to transform. We must release what is holding us back from flying. This may be a fear of flying, fear of the unknown, of the future. We need to let go of any notion that things will happen the way they have in the past. We are in a place we haven't been before. The past cannot tell us how it will go.

The questions are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

The cards are:

  1. Aphrodite, Romantic Love, 2 (A)

  2. Athena, Knowledge, 5 (A)

  3. Brigid, Creative Spark, 8 (A)

  4. Uzume, Humour, 49 = 4

Aphrodite brings the energy of love to this reading. Dropping into our hearts, remembering to rest in our hearts and to share from this place, rather than from a triggered and reactionary place. Aphrodite invites us to be present in our hearts, observe all that is here without judgement. Observe everything around us without judgement and accept all. When you stop judging, stop criticising, stop being disappointed or frustrated things aren't happening as you wanted or expected, then you will see that what is in front of you is a beautiful gift. Even if it's painful, it may be what's needed to support you to release what you need to.

Athena is encouraging you to release trying to figure everything out, trying to rationalise it. There is more going on than can be understood by the mind right now. Things which are unseen, going on the background. You don't have all the information and things are a bit foggy. So give the mind a break and stop overanalysing and overthinking. Release the need to be in control, to know what's happening, to use logic to understand. Instead tap into your inner cat/lion and bring curiosity, investigation, courage and ingenuity to the unknown, the unclear, the unseen. Release expectations, assumptions and thinking you know how things will work out. Not all is known yet, there's more twists and turns. Let go of stories, beliefs and cultivate an openness to just seeing what will unfold.

Brigid says you may feel a bit stuck or you've lost your creative spark. You're feeling a bit uninspired, a bit in a rut or a bit overwhelmed. If that's the case, she's asking you to stop coming at whatever it is - be it a problem, a project, a creation, an idea...head on. Instead, let go and come to your inner child. Rather than continuing to try to push what isn't happening, instead, play, dance, scream, paint, splash about. Do something fun, something creative but for no particular outcome and just because you want to. This will help to unblock energies, release what's stuck so you can see what you are trying to do with new eyes. But first take some time out from it and have a dance. Stick some music on and move to your own flow, your own rhythms, however the body wants to move. Or paint, draw, get messy, use your hands and feet. Jump in the mud or the slushy snow. Feel childlike again and you'll soon find your creativity and ingenuity return.

Uzume brings a similar message to Brigid, encouraging you to return to your inner child. Tap into your childlike nature, your sense of fun. You can approach these times with seriousness, frustration, feeling bogged down and upset. And all of that is valid. But what if you could bring some joy, some laughter into your life? Even if its at something small. Be a bit ridiculous, a bit playful. With whatever you have to hand. And you'll find that laughing changes your brain chemistry and enables your current situation to be infused with some joy, some fun, some laughter - even if you're still feeling a bit fed up. Tap into your inner Leo, your inner sun, your inner lion(ness) and roar for joy, leap, dance, play. This is Leo at its best.

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