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Full moon in Gemini & lunar eclipse goddess spread

Happy full moon in Gemini! This lunar eclipse full moon heralds new beginnings. It may not feel like it yet, and typically full moons are about release so there is still an element of letting go, but it's much more about letting go because the new is ready to come in and needs space. This full moon is the start of a cycle which goes through for most of 2021. Which for me, in any case is a relief! This year has been hard!

It's not to say that its suddenly going to get easier - probably the contrary - because we find that the momentum we've been building, all the layers we've been shedding, the beliefs and the stories we've been holding which no longer serve, is now creating a snowfall effect of birthing what we're wanting to see in the world. Which sounds great - but now comes the work! And it's not a snowball we control. It's far bigger than us, and creating something new from scratch is never easy sailing. But it is definitely exciting. The Gemini moon calls to us to go with the flow, allow the air to move, the wind to whistle, allow it to bring in new perspectives, to sweep away old hardened positions and to see that every story has different angles, and that it is just a story. We can see the angles or we can tell a new story - that's up to us. The momentum is snowballing, we're in the birthing canal - there is no going back. We don't know what awaits - it's the great unknown - so we have to let go of form, let go of expectations, let go of fear, let go of all which doesn't serve and allow the momentum to take hold and sweep us into where we're going.

The Goddesses for this full moon spread speak very much to releasing whatever final dregs and dross, cobwebs and old roots are still lying around so that we can fully be in the flow of this new momentum. They also promise prosperity, abundance, miracles and joy if we do.

The questions for the cards are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need ot release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

The cards are:

  1. Athena, Knowledge (A), 5

  2. Lakshmi, Fortune (A), 27 = 9

  3. Persephone, Inexperience (A), 42 = 6

  4. Mary, Miracles, 31 = 4

We are in the ashes right now. All which was has burnt to the ground and we are naked and surrounded by ash and bits and pieces. We don't know how this goes together, or even perhaps how to get up. The Goddess Athena comes to say that we don't have all we need to know how to move forward just yet. There is more here which isn't yet seen, which is still hidden in amongst the ashes. And we can't know it by rationalising and analysing. So wait, let go, trust that all will be revealed in time. If you rush a decision without all the information then you may end up in a direction which you don't desire. So wait and allow what's hidden to surface. Seek clarity, but seek it in your intuition, in your heart - not in your head.

Release attachments to stories about lack. Release greed and envy, and believing that your dreams won't materialise. Just because you are in the ashes doesn't mean your dreams won't emerge. Trust the process, as Athena says; and release wanting and desiring things sooner than they are ready, in forms which you have predetermined and expectations which cannot be fulfilled. Hold the essence of your desires, your dreams and allow them to manifest when you are ready. If they are not yet here its because you are still holding resistance - you're still expecting them to show up how, when and where you want them to. Let this go and allow miracles to happen. You cannot rationalise and analyse this so let go of over-thinking, let go of desiring and allow your dreams to manifest how, when and where they will. This is when the magic happens.

And in the meantime, don't rush to decisions and choices without all the information. Don't be naive in rushing forward too fast and not seeing the consequences of your actions. Stop trying to make your dreams happen and allow them to be as they are. If you are happy to move forward without attachment to the consequences of your actions then go ahead, but if you're unsure, wait, and see what emerges, see what is currently still hidden, so you can make more informed choices. Persephone says don't let naivity take you down a path of consequences you'd rather avoid.

And in this patience, this waiting, this allowing what is to emerge, in releasing expectation, in releasing form, in releasing envy and impatience, the pieces which have fallen to the ground will start, slowly to rearrange themselves into new visions, new dreams. Mary is here to say that miracles surround you. What feels like total loss, confusion, uncertainty is actually a blessing because it allows new configurations, it allows new dreams and it allows new creations. Create from joy, from love, from pleasure and allow new forms to emerge to create your dreams. See the miracles around you, in the everyday. See every moment as sacred and you will start to create something wondrous, and something new. As all begins to be revealed you'll see how what was lost can start to be reincarnated in a new form.

This week's classes harness the full moon's airy, movement energies through connecting to our pranic body - our life force energy - to breathe new life into what has died. We experience this best through the flow, movement and energy of the breath. Thursday evening is this month's beginner's class which will focus on the body locks or bandhas - which are the most important aspect in kundalini yoga after breath. Join me to connect with your life force energies, your flow, your movement - and allow yourself to birth the new from the ashes of the old.

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