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Full moon in Aquarius Goddess spread: 3rd – 9th August

The full moon is today in Aquarius – in polar opposite to the sun in Leo, as all full moons are. Coming out of the eclipse season and its intensities, this full moon feels more playful, more joyful, a little lighter. Of course that doesn't mean nothing's going on, something is always happening, something is always changing. This is what the moon teaches us - to honour and respect the cycles of constant change.

Full moons are mid-moon cycle and are here to teach us to release and let go of whatever is not serving, following the expansion and bringing in of new energies of the new moon. In order for whatever we intended at new moon to fully grow, expand, develop, flower and bear fruit, we must give it space and this is what the full moon teaches. To let go of what we need to, so our seeds and roots can have the space they need to bear good fruit. This moon is illuminating light on the juxtaposition between acknowledging and owning our individual power, light and truth, being our unique selves; and recognising that we are also part of the collective and that our actions, our truth, our individuality impacts the collective. It invites us to see how we can use our unique gifts, talents, skills, presence, essence to serve the greater good. It's also a time to look at relationships and to see how these may need to change. Are there some, now, that are no longer in alignment with your true authentic self? Can the relationship change and evolve, or is it time to move on? Can being authentic with yourself bring new relationships with the collective that will serve who you are now? Can existing relationships shift as you both grow and evolve and connect more fully with who you are? This full moon invites us to look at how we relate to ourselves, and then how we relate to others - what still serves, and what needs to change, to be released, so that how you use your energy is fully aligned with you, so you can serve the collective well?

This Goddess Power oracle full moon spread brings this message, along with some other pointers - but all the while inviting you to go inside, connect with you, stand in your authenticity, your truth in order to see the way forward, to trust the path - rather than looking outside for direction, as that will lead to confusion - because what is your truth may not be anothers.

In looking overall at the cards, I see a lot of earthy colours, a lot of grounding, a lot of physical manifestation and abundance. This reading is bringing a powerful energy of manifesting abundance as you ground and connect to mother earth. Aquarius is an air sign and Leo is a fire sign and certainly recently in the UK the weather has felt both hot and windy!! To stabilise with these signs of intense movement and energy, ground and connect to mother earth - whether that's through water, through nature, through food...whatever works well for you. You can use and harness this energy through grounding it.

We also have a couple of number 8's in both Metis and Green Tara. Eight in kundalini yoga relates to the pranic body. Prana is life force energy, it's the energy which moves in each of us and we can best understand it through our breath. We wouldn't live very long if we don't breathe, so breath is life force. It's energy which moves through us, and then out of us in the out breath, and is obviously airy. It reminds us of the balance between grounding and connecting, and the need to keep moving, keep releasing and letting go - of allowing the wind to sweep away any old cobwebs, any old thoughts, habits, beliefs, which no longer serve, in order that we can stay connected to the life force. Take a few minutes during this time to practice pranayama - the control and conservation of breath. You may do this as left-nostril breathing - the cooling, calming, soothing breath - as antidote to the heat of the Leo sun.

Moving to the cards specifically, the questions for this spread are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can more through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

And the cards for each position are:

  1. Benzai-Ten - Beauty, 6

  2. Metis - Wisdom, 35

  3. Nyx - Secrets, 39

  4. Green Tara - Salvation, 17 (alignment)

Benzai-Ten comes to us to remind us that we are at our most beautiful when we are completely and honestly ourselves. Take time to honour and respect yourself, to see your inner, true beauty (and not just any external attractiveness, which is relative and transient) and to connect to your cycles, your body rhythms. Slow down and see the beauty in you and around you - and see the power in that beauty. As you start to notice beauty, you will see more comes to you to greet you. There is beauty everywhere if you choose to see it. Mother earth is so abundant right now - observe how she is ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-expanding upon her beauty - just as you are too.

Metis comes to share the message that all the truth we need is inside of us. We need to trust our inner wisdom, our inner truth and to let go of anything which has been placed upon us. Release old stories, old narratives, family and ancestor truths which have been passed to you but don't serve. Observe any beliefs you hold which aren't yours - which have been imposed by society, culture, conditioning, education - and release any which no longer align with your inner truth. They don't serve you anymore. Bless them as you release them for all they have brought you until now.

Nyx is here to teach us that whilst we may want to know everything, to see where the path is leading, to even see the next step, when all may feel confusing, lonely, dark; that we need to go inside and trust ourselves. She brings a similar message to Metis - all the wisdom we need is inside of us. But Nyx's message is also about timing. What we need to know will be revealed in right timing - when we are ready. So learn to allow the flow, allow the cycles in life and to stop trying to figure everything out. Learn the inner wisdom of your rhythms and cycles to become more comfortable with the unknown, and in doing so, learn that you'll know all you need to, in time. Let the darkness of secrets teach you about trust in yourself, and trust in the rhythms of this life.

Green Tara carries on this message to say that great opportunities are waiting for you when you let go of the need to have the opportunities show up for you in the way you expect, when you expect, how you expect. Let go of the need for everything to be just so, and how you imagined it, and allow the universe to co-create your desires in the most magical way. When you drop into your heart, into the flow of your rhythms, into connection with mother earth, you will see the opportunities arise. They may not look like you thought they would, happen when you imagined them to, or be where you planned - but they will be full of beauty, and full of all your hopes and dreams in essence, if not in form. So feel into your inner wisdom, your inner rhythms; honour and respect your inner beauty and its power; drop into your heart and know that the secrets she keeps will be revealed in time, as you trust yourself more deeply so that your deepest desires and dreams can be met in the way that most aligns with your inner truth, rather than what your ego, limited by the past, has planned out.

Have a wonderful full moon week as you go deeper into her watery rhythms and allow the Goddesses to whisper their truths to you.

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