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Divine feminine, grounding, abundance: tarot reading 5 - 11th October

Today I was feeling simplicity, ease, flow and allowing the messages to come through. Working with the Sun & Moon tarot deck, which I love for their creative and childlike images, three cards jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling it (all at different times in the shuffle). So I went with a simple 3 card reading. There was no specified questions - more what is it that we need to know, what are the messages we need this week.

Today the moon is in Taurus, which is a very earthy, grounded, feminine energy. It makes something of a calmer, quieter relief after the intensities of the full moon in Aries last week, and lasting over the weekend (certainly for me anyway!). This Taurean energy certainly comes through in the reading today. The thing I immediately noticed with these cards is that crescent moons are present in all of the cards. Waxing moons are about abundance, about growth and expansion. They're here inviting us to open up to the opportunities before us, and to create the new we want to see.

The other is the strength of the divine feminine in these. Perhaps less so in the Nine of Wands - which has quite a masculine energy - but even in this, the sun wand is surrounded by moon wands - the moon being feminine in energy. But the presence of the Empress who is the grounded mother archetype and the High Priestess who is all about seeing beyond the obvious, using intuition and nurturing our inner power, our inner knowing, our inner truth. These are very big feminine energies. Big feminine power. And the Nine of Wands is also about power and strength, which may appear masculine, but is actually a feminine quality. That is not to say that this is only relevant to women. We are all mixes of masculine and feminine energies and our journey in life is to experience both, and bring balance to both.

This is not the power of doing, of action which is more masculine and sun based. It is the power of the moon - of allowing, of reflecting, of creativity, of the Adi Shakti, or the Yoni Shakti. It's about honouring cycles and rhythms of life, and allow it to flow through us and not resist it, of understanding that there is light and dark in all of us, and working with our inner worlds to illuminate all. It's understanding the flowing nature of intuition and creativity and that flow is not necessarily constant - it's constantly moving, evolving, shifting, flowing round obstacles, gently rubbing away at rough edges.

The cards are:

The High Priestess (2)

The Empress (3)

Nine of Wands (9), reversed

The High Priestess invites us to connect to our intuition. It is a highly creative, spiritual time. There is much that your intuition is showing you, you just need to tune in and listen. Allow the critical, rational mind to fade to the back because intuition cannot be understood through spreadsheets and data. Allow yourself to wander, wonder, daydream, dream, imagine. Allow even the most fantastical to come through. You don't know how it might show up for you, but however it does, the important thing is to listen to what its saying. It does not lie. It is your inner teacher, your inner guru, your inner divine feminine - Adi Shakti. She has so much she wants you to hear, that she wants you to learn. Lean in, let go of fears, and listen. She says that there is balance between light and dark and that to really evolve and develop spiritually, we have to see the dark in ourselves as well as the light. We have to hold that balance of the polarity, the duality. This is a number 2 card - dualities. But also flow. Saying 'no' so you can say 'yes' to what truly aligns for you. Finding those boundaries, so you can allow your soul to unfold and become unbounded by social, cultural, family norms, by self-limiting beliefs and expectations.

The Empress is the embodiment of creativity, the divine feminine, abundance, joy, grounded, earthy blossoming. She is here because perhaps you are having creative ideas, inspiration, dreams. Or perhaps you have been working all year on these ideas and dreams and she is here to say that your hard work is being rewarded - you will see the birthing of your dreams. You are abundant, you are creative, you are magic. And in this pure potency of creation, creativity, of joy, you bring forth and manifest your dreams, your desires, your joy. Tap into that joy. Tap into your bliss, your inner light. It'll show you what you desire, what you have been dreaming to manifest. This is a very magical and potent time. Lean into the creativity and allow it to manifest. There is a time for everything, and every season under the sun. The Empress is here to say that this is a time of harvest. Reaping all we've sown and seeing the fruits of our labours. Whilst we may have dreams and create, we cannot control the manifesting of that creation. It will come as it will, and we need to release expectations in order to let it manifest as it will.

Finally, the Nine of Wands in the reverse position. This card is about strength, inner strength, inner passion, inner commitment, inner determination. We need our inner sun to shine bright and bring us through, even when things seem difficult, and things aren't working out as we had expected. We may feel weary, and hopeless. We may feel like this year has already brought us too much and we cannot carry on because it all seems too much and too overwhelming. Take a rest, my dear soul, if this is you. Rest in the loving arms of the Empress, of Mother Earth. Connect to nature, and rest. If you are weary, know that this journey is long, its a whole lifetime, so you need to take time out and rest. Let go of the worries and concerns and remember what lights you up, what brings you joy. Practice gratitude - gratitude for nature, for mother earth, for her abundance, for everything she brings you without any expectation. And in this place of nurture, connect to abundance, connect to joy, connect to gratitude.

When you have taken time to rest and take care of yourself, to nurture yourself and remember who you are, you can connect to that light, that determination, that courage, that strength, and carry on. You have the power, you have the strength - you have wands with moons and the sun on them. Stand tall in your power, in your strength - knowing this comes from within - from going through all you're going through, and still you're here. Still you're standing tall, still you're owning your power. You may feel weary, you may feel overwhelmed, but let this show you that actually you are stronger than you think. Let the High Priestess and the Empress hold you in their divine feminine arms, nurture you in their waters, through the earth, through nature, through intuition - so that you remember just how strong and how powerful you really are. And you will succeed. You will come through.

Much love in this week as we continue with the full moon release cycle - harvesting all we've grown and making space for new seeds to fall, and our fertile grounds of creativity to regenerate and renew.

This week's classes are all about connecting to our soul, allowing it to unfold, become unbounded, and experiencing our truest selves. In this place we can really experience our intuition, our creativity, our joy, our light, our strength, our power.

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