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1-8th June tarot, numerology, astrology - Full Moon in Saggitarius

Ooh a first tarot, moon cycle, astrology, numerology bundle blog! I'm going to do these every week, and 1st June seemed like a good place to start. I did begin back in April with daily tarot cards on my instagram but this became too much for me to achieve and I needed to step back from it. Weekly and on a blog feels more achievable, and here I'm able to express more than a short instagram post allows.

And we kick start with a good one, a biggie. We have the full moon in Sagittarius coming up on Friday and it's also a lunar eclipse. We're still under the Gemini sun (and as a Gemini this is always a time I enjoy) and so we have this combo of Sagittarius - the archer, the big picture thinker, the traveller, the focus, work and reward, expansion - which all fits very nicely with a full moon shining light on the areas we need to focus on, we need to look at. Showing us what we need, and what we need to let go of. And Gemini - the zipper, the air, the (two sets) of twins, duality, polarity, communication, connection, networking. Bring those together and you've got big picture thinking, far sightedness focused on a goal, a target which utilises the air energy, the communication and networking skills and brings together polarities to understand that bigger picture and further goal. So it feels pretty good!

Since starting to get into karam kriya - which is the numerology of kundalini - I've been using the number sequences to bring additional meaning to my tarot and oracle readings. So I used this spread for this week, but used full moon questions reflecting on the saggitarius and gemini energy as well. I've used a simplified sequence which is just 1-2-(5)-3-4 (all sequences cross the 5 in the middle), which is the sequence of the soul - of our journeys on earth - of enlightenment.

So a super quick look at the sequence first:

1 - soul, seed, initiation, ideas, inspiration, earth, sparks, imagination, root chakra, red,

2 - negative mind, roots, energy, flow, water, duality, balance, creation, sacral chakra, orange,

3 - positive mind, branches, leaves, order, structure, rules, rationality, sequence, planning, fire, solar plexus chakra, yellow,

4 - neutral mind, flowers, love, compassion, kindness, patience, allowing, air, creativity, beyond duality, heart chakra, green

5 - physical body, words, fruit, embodiment, human experience, manifestation, learning, evolving, truth, throat chakra, blue

Now, finally we arrive at the cards!

The Empress is at 1, 7 of swords at 2, 8 of cups at 5, 8 of wands at 3 and 9 of wands at 4.

The Empress brings abundance, the divine feminine, fertility, pregnancy, transformation, growth, expansion. This is great in the 1 position. It suggests that there are lots of ideas, inspiration, growth, happening. There is lots of abundance all around you. You are planting very fertile seeds right now. This is an incredibly abundant, pregnant, fertile time. What you do with that is not yet known, that's up to you - how you water your seeds with 2 (water, roots).

The 7 of swords is suggesting that although there are these ideas and inspirations, you are feeling overwhelmed. You are having a lot of thoughts which are holding you back from doing much with the ideas. You are perhaps worried about how it will play out, the consequences, what the risks are, whether the ideas will come ot anything, what if you fail? The 7 of swords invites you to see these are things in your mind. You are holding yourself back. Allow flow. Allow water to guide you, to soften you, to evolve you. Let go (and here the full moon energy comes in) of these self-limiting thoughts. See beyond the dualities, the polarities. As you can see, these thoughts are swords that are stuck in the cloud - keeping you from connecting with your ideas - but they are in the cloud. They aren't in you - you can let them fall from the cloud. The gemini mind can sometimes get overwhelmed, take on too many things and become lost on a cloud. Release this, and reconnect with the flow.

When you do, you'll find yourself back out of the clouds and in your physical body (5). You may feel that there are things you need to walk away from. You are feeling a lot in your body right now. A lot of emotions are coming up through your body. Allow them to come out, express them (throat chakra, words - 5), express what needs to come through you, your truth. This full moon is shining a light on what needs to be expressed, what emotions are coming up, and what you need to move away from. This may even be relatively recent things which you've worked hard on and put a lot of time, effort and emotion into. But the moon is calling you to look beyond, to see the bigger picture, and to move forward on your journey, even if the path isn't clear.

To move through this, and and when you release the self limiting thoughts of the 7 of swords, you can mobilise your action, your mind for planning, organising, preparing for what's coming because a lot is coming. A lot is coming your way. Many opportunities, many plans, many ways for expansion. But you will need to be ready to handle it and make the most of it. Bring your full light to it, shine all the rainbow colours, from your place of truth. So put the work in, use your belly fire (3) to focus and make plans (for what you can), put in place processes and organisation for the ideas you're birthing and vision the way forward. This is how that amazing mind of yours can be put to good use. Saggitarius full moon will help you see the bigger picture and help to bring focus for your goals.

As you do, you'll shift into 4 energy - the heart, the opening flower. You will bring forth your creations, your projects. The key to this is an open heart, and having your creativity heart led - with compassion, kindness, love, patience. First and foremost for yourself, and then for others. Know that whilst you have much love and devotion to your projects and creations, they are not you. You are 1. They are an expression of 1 - of the soul, the inspiration. So hold these lightly, and allow yourself to move beyond duality, and find balance. 2+2 make 4. Gemini is 2 sets of twins = 4. In this heart led place, you may feel worn out, you may feel like you've been battling and working hard and the 9 of wands says to have heart because you're nearly there. You are strong, you are resilient, you can do it. Look at all the moons and star you have with you. All that light, all that love. Allow the wind to carry you, lighten your load. Have patience and self-compassion. And in the balance between doing and resting, find that point of creation.

So much is happening right now, and it can be hard to keep a handle on it, keep up with it, and not feel overwhelmed or worn out. And that's ok. That's the ebbs and flows of windy gemini energy. The cards are saying to look beyond that, to see the bigger picture, and vision your way forward with love, compassion, and patience, with the support of the Saggitarius Full Moon and by embodying your truth, sharing your emotions and what needs to be said.

Much love and light this week as we move our way through this full moon, lunar eclipse energy

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