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Tarot card reading 2 - 8th November

Wow, well we have had a powerfull full moon in Taurus coinciding with Hallow'een/Samhain on the weekend. This moon, as all full moon are, is about release, but this one is all about releasing those things we've kept hidden, kept censored, edited, unloved. The parts of ourselves we rather wouldn't see. In allowing this parts out into the light of the full moon, we can come to a place of greater acceptance for ourselves - all the light and shadow - and stand more fully in our power, knowing what's important to us, what our values are and being committed to following through on what needs to happen in order for us to fully align and fully integrate with our truth, our values, our love.

This week's card reading is a simpler 3 card tarot spread and can be read as mind-body-spirit or past-present-future. Or simply an assessment of where we are now. Let it guide you to show you which way of reading it is best for you. Despite a simpler spread the cards very much speak to this continuing full moon energies. We still have Mercury retrograde until tomorrow, when it stations direct and Mars too is retrograde, both in Scorpio, along with the Sun. This is putting a lot of emphasis on that release of all which no longer aligns to our truth, to our soul, to our values. We can see this play out internally in us, and in the world and society at large. Things are continuing to be turned on their heads, like the Emperor here in the reading, to be shaken out and shaken loose, all the old institutions, structures, beliefs, habits, patterns which aren't serving us individually and aren't serving society.

The three cards are:

  1. Six of cups

  2. Princess of Pentacles

  3. The Emperor (reversed)

The full moon of the six of cups is very apt. This card also relates to the sun in Scorpio, which is where it currently is. Scorpio is a water sign and very connected to deep, hidden and taboo emotions. It really loves to get under the skin of something, really excavate an emotion and then transmute it. Scorpios love the power of energy and emotion is energy in motion. The six of cups also relates to nostalgia and memories of childhood. This may bring up aspects of the past to be revisited and released, it may bring new perspectives of something which happened in the past which you now have a new understanding of. The purpose of this revisiting of childhood memories is to heal, to connect, and to find love and joy. The six of cups is the depth of full emotions brought to light under the full moon, so that all which no longer aligns can be released, and the energy transmuted and redirected for something which does serve you now.

Princess of pentacles speaks to creativity, joy, light, fertility. This is a very fertile time to bring forth creative ideas. To really connect to your inner joy, your inner light, your divine feminine Shakti, to create, transform, and birth. This is a very feminine process of really being with yourself, really feeling your truth, your values, your creative flow and allowing this to bring forth new ideas, new projects, new ways of being. It is less about doing and more about being, holding that deep connection to self and then anything which flows from that, any doing arising from this place of creation, is an expression of your truth, your values, your soul. This card also speaks to connecting to the seasons, to mother nature. Walking and being in mother nature is very nurturing, very healing, very supportive of creativity. Notice now as we shift into late Autumn - the leaves are now largely fallen from the trees, the acorns, conkers have fallen and hidden away by been squirrels, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Notice how this naturally draws you into yourself, into your comfort, into your inner light. Allow this recognition of the cycles of mother nature to bring into deeper connection with your own cycles, your own ebbs and flows, your own true nature, your creativity.

The Emperor is a man of reason and rationality, of structures, institutions, order and governance. He is a man of responsibility as well as of travel and seeking new adventures. He is a leader and a formidable figure. And yet in this reason, he's on his head. All these aspects of ourselves and of our societies right now are being turned on their heads and being shaken out. This is strong willpower and determination both attached to retaining power and control, and in shaking everything loose. There is a bright spotlight on this and you may feel pulled in different directions with your mind having arguments with itself. This is natural and the ego resists change. But know that all this shaking is being done for you, to shake loose any sticky parts which are no longer serving. Any beliefs, structures, thoughts, institutions, patterns, habits, which aren't serving you, which won't serve in the coming years. Because if this year has taught us anything is that the world is no longer what it used to be. We need to release old habits, old dreams, old expectations, old realities which no longer exist, which no longer serve. We cannot draw in the new if we are hanging on to old expectations, old belief systems, old power, old dreams. If we are to flow with where we are going in this future we can't yet see, then we must let the flow wash away these old things, these stuck things, these hidden things, these deeply buried things. You will feel freer, lighter, more yourself, more joyful for it. This is the power of the Scorpio transformation. Like the phoenix on the Emperor's shield, we will rise from the ashes stronger, more powerful, more beautiful, more full of light once we have allowed the sun to burn away what is left which no longer serves.

Stay present with yourself as we go into this turbulent shaking, creative, joyful, illuminating, releasing, emotional week. When fears arise, keep moving forward with love and take good care of yourself. This weeks classes will support you in connecting to your truth, speaking your truth, hearing yourself, and allowing this to be your guiding light, your inner guide, your inner teacher as you let go and flow.

There is also a new Beginner's class on Thursday which is free of charge and will be focusing on the breath, because the breath is central to all and governs all. Breathe through all emotions which arise, allow them to be, release them and shift the energy where you choose to focus. Use your breath to direct this process. In doing so you can really see how you transmute energies, and the power in this.

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