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New moon in Pisces Goddess reading

It's been a while since I did a new moon Goddess reading here. And it feels good. Like visiting old friends.

This reading is just beautiful and promises rebirth if we can allow the process to transformation to occur, and let die what needs to go. The Goddesses speak to dedication to learning new habits and putting in place new patterns to support growth and increase wisdom. And the power of forgiveness to help us move forward and let go of the past.

This dreamy new moon is in Pisces - of the ocean. It is watery, full of emotion, the dissolving of the old to welcome the new. The release of illusions, deceptions, to see the truth of our realities. It was also conjunct Venus and Neptune, both planets of love. Venus the planet of earthly love, and Neptune the planet of higher or spiritual love. These energies add to the romance, the dreaminess of this new moon. Whilst it is a new moon to draw in new opportunities, new energies and dream our futures, vision who we will be and why, to become clear about who we are and why we're here this lifetime; it's also the new moon just before Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and its in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac.

Pisces is all about wrapping up the old, finishing up projects, releasing old ways, old beliefs, old beings to make way for the new, the fresh, the start of the zodiac in Aries, which coincides with Equinox. So what old needs to die in your life? What leaves need to fall to provide food to grow new buds? What habits, beliefs, thoughts, actions, patterns are no longer serving? What relationships, what work or jobs need to change? What in your home and external environment needs a spring clean? Now is the time to dream the future, and let go of the past year, to make way for the new. Who do you need to be to have the future you're visioning? How do you need to grow, expand, release, allow? In this reading, much like the buds growing on the trees now, Isis promises rebirth if you surrender to Morrighan and allow to die what is no longer serving.

A number of us are supporting this process at the end of the astrological year, and start of the new, by creating new habits to support us, new patterns, and creating space for the new to emerge, through an 11 day meditation practice. We're on day 3 but it is already feeling like it is starting to create connections, to bring up what needs to be brought up and released, and helping us to grow and expand. Sophia and Elen speak to creating positive new habits and patterns in our lives to support our growth. To support our constant rebalancing that is so needed right now. And Saraswati promises that we will find mastery if we dedicate ourselves to learning, to growing, to our expansion.

In the cards overall, there is a lot of green - of the heart - of new beginnings, of Mother Earth. There is also orange and gold. The colours on Sophia, Branwen and Isis are very similar. This is connecting to the sacral chakra - the Yoni - the place of creation. This is the divine feminine rising, calling for creativity, desires, sensuality, expression, connection.

The questions for the cards, all done under the gaze of Mama Killa, The Moon Goddess, are:

  1. What do I need to know about the quality of my current intention?

  2. How do I co-create from my most empowered self?

  3. What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?

  4. What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?

  5. What is the potential outcome of my intention?

  6. How, if at all, do I course correct ot be better alignment for my highest good?

And the cards are:

  1. Saraswati, Mastery, 44=8

  2. Morrighan, Death and Magic, 37 = 10 (A)

  3. Sophia, Divine Wisdom, 47 = 11 (A)

  4. Branwen, Forgiveness, 7

  5. Isis, Rebirth, 24 = 6

  6. Elen, Patterns, 12 = 3

Our current intention is one of learning, studying and dedication. Whether that is starting to learn something new, something creative, or to expand and deepen our learning in an area that interests us, Saraswati is here to support all forms of learning, studying, devotion and creation. If we devote ourselves, we find in time that we become masterful, that the knowledge, the skills are effortless. There is no end to the possibilities for learning and mastery - it is one of the joys of life, and Saraswati says, dive in, enjoy it, immerse yourself and learn!

For us to be empowered, in our power, in our responsibility and accountability, we must allow transformation to happen. We need to trust the process of metamorphosis into a butterfly, without even knowing what wings are. We need to trust the magic of death, to allow to die all which is holding us back, which no longer serves, which is not where we're going. Bless it, thank it, for all its given you, and release it. Knowing that you may be in the ashes a while before you rise like a phoenix in rebirth. We cannot be the person we need to be to create the visions we have for our future, if we're still the person that we were doing what we were doing before. We need to evolve. And to evolve, the old 'us' must die, so the new 'us' can expand and grow into being who we will become.

Sophia calls to us to create habits and patterns that support us, and support us tapping into our higher wisdom, learning and intuition. She says embrace regular practice, regular habits which support our journeys, which take us deeper, which enable us to see the light and the shadow clearly, and to love all aspects of ourselves. Creating new habits to support us is what will enable us to become who we need to be to create our dreams. Through this process we tap into our inner wisdom, our inner knowing, our ability to see beyond the known, the seen.

Branwen says the best action we can take to move forward is to let go of victim mentality and forgive those who have hurt us, including ourselves. Instead of seeing yourself the victim of your circumstances, put upon you by others - the government, your bosses, your family, your friends - forgive those who have created the situation you find yourself in. Forgive, not for them, but for you, so you can move forward. Forgiveness allows us to release the past, allows us to see that we are co-creating our lives, and that every situation is happening for us, not to us. By taking responsibility for our current circumstances, by forgiving ourselves and others for anything we would want to change in them, we regain power over our own lives, to start to co-create what we're dreaming. Forgive the past, forgive yourself, forgive others and be accountable for your life and all you are creating.

Isis promises rebirth. You will not be left with Morrighan in the ashes. You will be reborn and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. If you allow to die all which is old and no longer serves, if you create new habits and patterns, if you forgive all that has gone - you will rise. You will be reborn. You will awaken to all new levels of awareness. You will find that things which you thought were dead and gone, rise again in new, healthier ways, are reborn in magical new ways. These are the cycles of life - birth, life, death, rebirth - Sa - Ta - Na - Ma. And as one of the meditation practitioners pointed out - this is the beat, the rhythm of our hearts. Quite literally - it's called the P-wave. Our hearts do it 60-90 times a minute. Our hearts are vibrating Sa- Ta - Na - Ma 60-90 times a minute. They are vibrating these cycles of life around our bodies constantly, continuously, and without our conscious awareness. With devotion, with learning, with skills - we are reborn. Our hearts have literally done it thousands of times just in the time it took you to read this.

Elen comes to reinforce Sophia's message - new patterns support new growth, new life. New habits support us to become the people we want to be, the people we need to be to realise our dreams. Sticking with those new habits (whatever they might be - healthier eating choices, regular meditation, daily walking or exercise, regular time for singing or dancing or both, regular and better sleep patterns) help to create something new in our lives. They literally reprogramme our minds and create new neural pathways.

Happy New beautiful, dreamy, loving moon. As you allow her to carry you towards Equinox rebirth, release all which no longer serves into her watery depths, forgive all which has gone, devote yourself to learning, and create new habits. We will rise again, together at Equinox, to begin the cycle again.

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