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Full moon in Pisces reading: 31st August - 6th September

Early on Wednesday morning we have the full moon in Pisces. Can you believe it, it's already September! This year is flying by, and just continues to get weirder and weirder. And astrologically, doesn't look like its going to let up any time soon.

So this week's message from the Goddesses is necessary - slow down, connect to mother earth, replenish and recognise that being stuck and being still are totally different ways of being, even if they look the same from the outside. The full moon in Pisces is all about our spiritual growth and development. Looking at things from a spiritual angle, realising that even as things break down, and are chaotic, they are inevitably also about creating something new and creating a new order. The goddesses' message for this moon is to connect with your truth, who you are, and know you are enough as you are - you can never be not enough or too much and we need to release these stories we tell ourselves that say otherwise.

The Goddesses also bring a message of karma, of reckoning. As harvest is upon us and the seasons change, with the winds and rain - they bring karma. You reap what you have sowed. Whatever you have done, however you've acted and behaved - there are consequences - for good and for bad. And this full moon is shining a light on these consequences, asking us to take responsibility for our actions and be accountable. Have you (even unintentionally) hurt yourself or someone else? Have you taken actions which harm instead of heal, even if you didn't mean to? Take responsibility, assess your actions, let the full moon illuminate to you where you need to make amends and forgive yourself, and forgive others where they have wronged you. Life is too short to carry the heavy burden of guilt, shame and regret. The purpose of responsibility isn't to bring shame and guilt, but to show us how we can be and do better in the future, now that we know. And now that we know, we can apologise, and we can forgive.

It's interesting that we have three of the cards in the reversed position or alignment position. The message is not bad this way up - there's no good or bad - it's just different, and its about realigning us with our truth because somewhere along the way we've come off the path. And this realignment also relates to karma. It's also interesting that three cards have numbers which come to 7. Seven is the aura in kundalini yoga, and it's also the 7th chakra - the crown chakra - our connection to spirituality, to everything beyond ourselves. The aura is also associated with action and reaction, cause and effect, karma and dharma. Because we hold the energy of ourselves, of all we've done, all we've said, all we've been in our aura. So until its resolved, that energy is there, attracting its inevitable consequence. When we allow our radiance to shine on the top of the aura, we attract beauty, love, abundance. Our radiance is our inner sun, our inner light and is connected to fearlessness, courage, the ability to do what is right even to the point of sacrificing ourselves. When we shine as our true selves, stand in our vulnerable truth, we have a fearlessness, a courage, we have conviction. And at this point our karma becomes dharma. So the themes of karma, of cause and effect, of accountability and responsibility are strong here. But so is the message of connecting to yourself, your truth, and standing in that truth so everyone can see it and know who you are.

The questions for the cards are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illiminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me?

The cards are:

  1. Gaia, Earth, 16 (7)

  2. Branwen, Forgiveness, 7 - alignment

  3. Yuki-Onna, Stillness, 52 (7) - alignment

  4. White Buffalo Calf Woman, Reverence, 50 (5) - alignment

Gaia is looking beautiful, looking like harvest, abundance, beauty, mother nature. She is pregnant with creativity and joy. She calls to you to slow down and connect to nature, to mother earth. We can easily fly off and get carried away in all these winds of change. Gaia encourages us to find stability, security and knowing that creativity, beauty and love come from this place of groundedness and centredness. Take time out to be with nature, to express your gratitude for nature, and know that as human living beings, we too change with the seasons and need to respect nature's timing for all.

Branwen comes with the message of karma. Allow the full moon to shine a light on where you have been less than truthful, less than helpful, less than authentic, less than sharing and have the courage to stand in responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for them and forgive yourself and others. Release any old hurts and wounds from others and forgive them. Release any defensiveness and excuses for your behaviour and see it for what it is without judgement.

Yuki-Onna's message connects with Gaia. She also calls you to slow down, to connect with your truth, your rhythms, in just the same way you connect to mother earth's. She says, bring gratitude for all you have in your life right now, and use gratitude to shift you from a perspective that sees you as stuck, to one of stillness, knowing that just as the seasons change, so will you. Stop trying to fix things, make things happen, and come instead home to yourself. Ground and connect to your security and stability in your lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), knowing that from this place you will find your still point. Meditation or other spiritual practices are an excellent thing to do for this full moon and will help you connect to stillness. Just step back from your thoughts and observe them without judgement. Allow them to be without getting lost in them. And you'll find eventually, there is a stillness even as the thoughts run unceasingly. Yuki-Onna offers you the opportunity to change your perspective and experience by shifting from stuck to still and bringing yourself into rhythm with the seasons.

White Buffalo Calf Woman is the only card with a number 5 - the physical body and the throat chakra. She says the opportunities that await are ones where we come to recognise that all that is in our life is sacred, and we walk through life with that knowledge, that awareness. She says that life may feel difficult, awkward, challenging, uncomfortable. This may be in relationships, in a work situation, in your home, in your relationship to yourself. But if you can bring consciousness to this challenge, this resistance, this awkwardness - you can realise that it is shifting you to a deeper place of connection in yourself. The awkwardness is sacred becasue it shows you what needs to shift, what needs to evolve and change so that you can live your truth - speak your truth - listen to your truth. White Buffalo Calf Woman says, listen to yourself, to your truth, listen to the awkwardness, the challenges, the uncomfortableness, because this is you sharing your truth. And that is a sacred journey.

So buckle up - we're in for a ride! The winds of Autumn change sweep through bringing us back to ourselves, to confront ourselves, to hold ourselves accountable, and to shift our perspectives from stuck to still and from uncomfortable to sacred. Remember, this is happening for you, not to you, so you can shine your light in a world that desperately needs it right now. Keep showing up in your vulnerable truth and shining that light, keep being accountable, keep connecting to stillness, keep grounding, stabilising, and rebalancing yourself and you'll find your way to all that is sacred.

I'm away for 2 weeks so this is my last blog for a little while, but I will be back with all new and exciting things later in September. Satnam beautiful souls - roll with the rollercoaster!

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