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Full moon eclipse Goddess oracle reading: 6-12th July

We've had a powerful full moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse on Saturday night/Sunday morning and we are very much still feeling the effects of this. The eclipse makes the energies extra potent. If Cancer is the mother archetype, then Capricorn is the father archetype. He is all about structure, order, organisation, institutions, power, recognition, work, career, reward. He is not an entrepreneur just starting out, but an established business, being conservative, taking careful, slow steps forward. He is depicted as a fish-goat on a rock. So if you feel the emotional river of Cancer is too intense, take a moment out, and become like Capricorn, a goat on a rock. And of course he has the fish tail to swim in the river when he needs to.

This eclipse is the last one in this 3-series and the final on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. The next lot of eclipses are on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. This is the last of the order, institutions, power, control, issues coming up, with the support of the mother in Cancer. This is the last of feeling the feels in this arena, of dealing with issues relating to home, security, stability, emotions. Our last chance to clear this out for now. And this eclipse gives us now the opportunity to start to look forward. To release with the full moon energy all that we have left to release this cycle, and to start to rise from the ashes as a phoenix. We may not yet know what the future holds, but the energies are swirling already to create it. The main theme in the cards is trust this process. Trust that all is happening for you to create the future you desire, even if you can't see it. Even if you feel you lack everything right now, it all being burnt away and pulled down. And the past holds the keys to the future. If you want to know the future - understand the past.

This is a full moon spread, harnessing that energy of the moon to show us what we need to know now. This is with the Goddess Power Oracle deck that I've used before here, and I find the readings with this always so lovely and so powerful. I like to use this deck especially for the full and new moons.

When I look at the cards as a whole, before delving into the written meanings, I see gold, yellow. This is the colour of the solar plexus chakra - our inner sun. Our ability to shine bright in the world, to live our truth, to move forward, be determined, have courage. Its our reserve energy in the body, and why we work so much with the naval in kundalini yoga. So power up that naval and shine your light bright. The Goddesses are saying your light is so needed on earth right now.

I also see two 9s - in Cerridwyn and Mnemosyne. This is about subtlety. In Kundalini Yoga we have 10 bodies, which relate to different aspects of ourselves. 9 is our subtle body. Our subtle body and soul are deeply connected. They never leave each other. This is calling us to notice the subtleties, the deeper messages coming to us, the signs, things which are less obvious. The qualities of this time are subtle and require a sensitivity in our soul to notice them. We also have a 4 and a 5. This is the heart or neutral/meditative mind and the physical body. We can develop sublety and sensitivity by opening our heart, by developing a neutral or meditative mind and by really being in our body. Kundalini Yoga, thankfully (Wahe Guru!), is an excellent practice for all these things as we practice kriyas to bring us present into the body and practice meditation to open our hearts and develop our neutral minds.

The reading questions are:

  1. What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?

  2. What do I need to release in order to move forward?

  3. What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?

  4. What opportunities next await me.

The Goddesses for each position are:

  1. Cerridwyn, Potential, 9

  2. Oshun, Generosity, 40 (alignment)

  3. Athena, Knowledge, 5

  4. Mnemosyne, The past, 36

You need to know that you are full of infinite potential. Everything you need is in your heart and mind. You have the power to manifest all you desire in life. It is all there already. You may not yet be able to see it, but trust that all the ingredients are there. What is needed is some magic to turn them into reality. Trust that the Goddess Cerridwyn is working magic on your behalf to bring all that you desire to fruition at the right time. The seeds are sown, allow the time for the seed to break open, to expand and to start growing roots. Don't go digging up those seeds just because you don't see what is happening. Trust the process. Trust the magic.

In this place of trusting, Oshun is asking you to release any feelings of lack, of not enough, of not getting what you need. You may feel that you don't have enough love, money, abundance, time, space, or any other needs right now. This may be indeed exactly what Cerridwyn is working on for you right now. But in this space of feeling that lack, Oshun is asking you not to hoard and hold on, closing your heart. She is asking you to open it up and share your gifts, time, love, energy. Wherever you feel a lack, share this. Do it in the spirit of sharing, of offering, in devotion to your soul. Do not do it with the expectation of receiving. Because this energy is about getting, even if you're giving. Share, offer, without expectation, from a place of love, joy, because it's what lights you up. And release the feelings of lack. Call on the full moon to help you release these feelings. The Goddess Mama Killa may be of help here.

And know that you are learning, gaining knowledge and experience right now. You are doing the work, and it is paying off. You are expanding your knowledge, your experience and all of this will stand you in good stead. Trust what you know, what your experience tells you. Whilst the qualities may be subtle right now, you can feel that knowledge and experience in your body, and trust it to take you in the right direction. This is a lesson of trusting your truth to lead you and allowing your mind to follow your heart, working out the best way to bring about the heart's desires.

As you look to the future, of what might be, of your dreams, and desires; know that all you seek is in the past. What is holding you back lies in your past. Memories or fragments may come to you, emotions triggered in the past may rear their heads, this is for you to move through it so that you can live the future you desire. Whatever comes up will help you to create a new vision of freedom, and to tell new stories about your past and your journey. Engage this with willingness and curiosity and you will find that your future transforms with rich potential. Your choices will change because you've understood your past in a new way, and you've released old patterns.

Thursday is my final class until Monday 20th July. On Thursday we will be doing a really lovely longer meditation on the divine mother, drawing in all the Cancerian potential to really enable us to release the fears, trust the process, look at the past with new eyes and bring magic to create our futures. And on Monday 20th we will have a special new moon class, as this is the 2nd new moon in Cancer on Monday and the last day before the sun moves to Leo. In the meantime, check out my newsletters for links and videos to inspire your practice whilst I am away.

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