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Cancer black new moon tarot spread: 20 - 26th July

We had our second new moon in Cancer yesterday (Monday) and after the 3 eclipses in a row, this one was a relief- just a new moon! But of course, not just a new moon - but a black new moon - a very rare 2nd new moon in the same star sign. They only happen every 2.5-3 years. And this one in Cancer. And tomorrow both the sun and moon land in Leo for the start of the season.

But this moon definitely feels less intense than the last, which is a blessing. It's not to say that nothing is going on, that's never the case, but we have been given some respite. So feel the last of the Cancerian feels, nurture, mother yourself, spend time in nature, in water - whatever feels good for you for self care right now. To prepare yourself for the fiery leo energy, which is fun and joyful, ambitious, and sometimes egotistical, pushy and determined to get where it's going.

The tarot reading for the new moon here, very much reflects all this energy. I felt drawn to tarot this time and a slightly simpler spread. But still with lots of power and messages for contemplation. This was the sun and moon tarot deck, which I love for its simplicity and playfulness.

Overall there are strong themes here of balancing dualities, polarities of intellect and emotion - all too often we can get swept up either in our rational mind, or in the sea of emotions and make decisions based too much on either of these. We need both for effective decisions. This reading is calling you to balance both. To ask yourself what makes you happy, to really feel that, and then use your intellect to manifest what you want in your life. Its also asking you to not be too impatient in making things happen, to sit back and allow things to emerge in your life. There is a strong energy to 'do' right now. And that is good - don't resist, but at the same time, don't rush. Be considered, both in terms of how you feel, and what you think.

The other strong theme is around reframing our ideas around success, prosperity, and what abundance we want to see in our lives - what will truly make us happy, not what everyone else is telling us will make us happy, or what society is conditioning us to believe. There's a real opportunity here to review your values and what's important to you and then to go forward manifesting that abundance. There can be a rush 'to go back to normal' despite things being far from what they used to be, but reflect first on what lockdown has taught you - what you appreciated from lockdown, and what you now realise as important to you before you rush head long into going back to how things were. First think how would you like things to be going forward and what new frames, perspectives, understandings do you now have?

The questions for the cards are:

  1. Where am I in my life right now?

  2. What is blocking me from growing? What do I need to leave behind?

  3. What intentions should I set?

  4. What knowledge do I need to gain to manifest my intentions?

  5. What positive energy will emerge in this phase?

And the cards for each position are:

  1. Queen of Swords

  2. Prince of Swords (also known as Knight)

  3. Ten of Pentacles (reversed)

  4. Ace of Cups

  5. Six of Wands (reversed)

The Queen of Swords is all about being in your feminine power. The Adi Shakti - the creator, the life giver, abundance, the organiser. It is the power of the intellect, of the mind and this Queen prefers to use her intellect to make decisions. The butterflies on the card signify transformation and evolution. And she's holding the mask to one side - removing her mask, her facade, able to stand fully in her power as she is and be seen as such. With so much blue, it also relates to the throat chakra - speaking her truth. This transformation is one of the intellect, of bringing the intellect into its place, to serve our souls. And in doing so we can be fully ourselves without the masks, and stand in and speak our power. This is where we are collectively right now, and we do see much evidence of that in the world at large. Is this also showing up for you personally?

What we need to release, what is holding us back is the preceding card in the deck - the Prince of Swords. With the intellect in its rightful place, within the divine feminine power energy is positive, our minds do also have a tendency to run the show, squashing our soul voice, our hearts, our emotions. We need a balance. Whilst our minds can be good for putting what we wish to manifest into action, we should do so in balance with our emotions, in balance with our soul desires. If our minds are put to manifesting our soul desires then we are the Queen of Swords. However, when our minds run the show and trample over everything and everyone to get where we want to go, then we're more like the Prince. If we're too hasty, and don't see the consequences of our actions, we can make poor decisions. So, take a moment, reflect on where your head is at? And where is your heart, where is your naval (the seat of your personal power and will)? What is leading? Is it balanced? And if not, reflect on what needs to be released (perhaps the need for control, the need for action, the need to 'do'?) in order that you can move forward fully in your power?

Intentions set at this time need to be carefully considered. Are you running your intentions for manifestation on a loop, which connects to your Prince of Swords? Are you asking for things (more money, better job, better house, more holidays etc) without really stopping to think about what lights you up? What makes you happy? Set your intentions based on your values, and what is really important for YOU - not for anyone else, and not what society thinks. You may find its quite different from the usual. Perhaps its about more time with loved ones, or more time for yourself, more self-care, more time in nature, or more work-life balance? Perhaps its about work being something you love, rather than something which pays the bills (or ideally both!)? Or about relocating to somewhere which nurtures your soul, your spirit, and isn't just convenient for work or your friends? Be conscious around these intentions and use this time to consider the frames for your intentions and whether lockdown has caused you to re-evaluate what's important - you have space and opportunity now to really reshape your life. The old has been swept away. Take the time to consider what you want to bring in, and don't just rush off like the Prince to bring back your old way of living, old habits, before considering if they really make you happy.

You are a vessel of light. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. So many old layers of dirt, of habits, beliefs, behaviours have been swept aside during this time. Let your light shine. Its time for it to come out now that the dust has been swept off. Connect with this, know this is your wisdom, your truth, your power. Use this to set new intentions, to create new ways of being which serve your soul, your light and allow you to create with power and intention. A vessel also receives - it's a container. You have space now to recieve blessings, gifts, love, joy, talants, abundance. It's all here, raining down on you. Will you open up to receive it? Or are you being the Prince and dashing off letting your mind run the show, and missing the opportunities which are here for you to shine your light?

What will emerge from all of this is success, victory, joy, power. But not as you might have originally imagined it. Because your perspectives, frames, focus, intentions have changed. How you define and understand success has changed. So you will succeed in what lights you up, what brings you joy, what makes you happy, but this may not be what others consider to be success. But that doesn't matter. Because following your soul path is not about how others define success for you, but in what brings YOU joy. You will be prosperous, abundant, joyful, full of light, and this is success. Allow your truth to emerge for you, hear your own soul voice, and you will see your success, your victory.

All my classes will be working with these themes and energies in the next week. If you'd like to develop these further, come join me on your mat, online. Thursday's class is working with the new moon energies on a powerful prosperity kriya, to manifest prosperity, abundance and your intentions in your life. Saturday's class is focusing on the heart, on courage and fearlessness - all great Leo qualities. Monday's class will work on cooling, calming energies to counterbalance the fieryness of Leo.

Have a wonderful new moon and start to Leo season.

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