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Kundalini Yoga: Expanding our intuition

90 minutes going deeper into our inner seeing. Take time in your week for you

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 12 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

This series is exploring our intuition, our inner eye, our ability to see beyond what is visible to us immediately in front of us. It requires us to see the bigger picture and to trust in our inner knowning. When we trust our intuition we can make decisions and choices based on information and knowledge that we hold within us, not just what might be physically seen or quantifiable. But usually, when we make decisions from our intuition, they are better decisions even if at the time we're unsure why. If you ever had that feeling that you should do something or shouldn't do something and then you didn't follow it, and then something happens. You oh, I thought that but I didn't really know why so I didn't follow it and now I wish I had. Or vice versa, you follow it, and then something wondrous happens. This is something we can all tap into, but once we lean into this more, we can go deeper and trust this inner seeing further than we have before. This series will support us to explore our intuition, lean into our inner seeing and the bigger picture, help us to look at what comes up for us as we start to explore it. We will examine the fears, the worries, the shadows that come up, so we can honour and accept them, and allow us to move forward and expand our intuition beyond these beliefs, which keep our vision small and narrow. Come for the full series and save the price of a class, or drop in to ones that suit you. Replays available for all options.

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Contact Details

Christopher Court at Rose Bruford College, 103 Station Road, Sidcup, UK

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