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Letting go, to be reborn. Not as easy as it sounds. Even when you no longer resonate with what was, you put a lot of energy, thought, dreams and hopes into it. But the only thing we're guaranteed in this life is change. So just as something was helpful, was supportive, did align with who you were, it can have served its purpose and is time to go. Even when you want to release it, when you are excited about what is coming up in the new, releasing the old can be hard. Drawing your energy, your power back in. Not tending it, not supporting it, allowing it to die. It's a difficult process. It's a creative process, a healing process, a growth process. As we expand beyond what we were, we embrace new things, and so the old, that we created and loved and nurtured, we now allow to die. Just like the trees shed their leaves in Autumn, we too must shed the leaves we loved but now must go.

This is tiring. Healing, growth, expansion, creation is tiring, it's emotional, its challenging. So give yourself time to rest. In Dharam, Param, Karam kriya where we flow between different creative spaces - there are points of rest, of balance in between the movement, there is always stillness. So don't rush your healing. Don't rush your growth. Don't rush creativity. Allow yourself the downtime to recover. Like the trees turn inwards in winter to restore and revitalise, so you too need this time.

I have been growing, expanding, creating, gestating and birthing the new. I have been outgrowing the old. And now comes this point of transformation. Of allowing to die what was once cherished and supported, so that a new identity, a new expanded me can be reborn. I am in that process a lot right now, with a great many new things! That as I birth the new, I release the old.

On the new moon in Taurus on 11th May, I will be ready to birth a new name, a new identity, a new brand for all that I'm doing, all I'm offering, all I'm sharing. As much as I love Hari Charan Kaur, and this name will stay with me, as a personal mantra and reflection; it is time to release this from my public work. I am birthing a new space for what I'm offering. I have written previously about my names, and about drawing in a new identity. And finally, it is nearly the time for it to be born. There is still work to prepare for this, but I am excited to offer you a sneak preview in the logo above.

The name is Zephyrose - a combination of zephyr (gentle wind/breath) and rose. This name came to me in a dream, after spending quite some time playing around with a lot of different words and combinations. None of which felt quite right. And then zephyrose appeared in a dream from my intuition, from my creative energy - my yoni/adi shakti - and was something I had not previously considered from my thinking positive and negative mind. I feel this name speaks to people on different levels, in different ways. Allow it to speak to you, however it wants to.

The name allows me to draw in other aspects of what I'm offering beyond yoga including reiki, ayurveda, tarot, and circles and allows for this to grow and expand as I evolve what I am creating and putting out in the world. It resonates with my values and what's important to me now - to create inclusive, accessible, supported and healing spaces to allow people to awaken, heal and to live the lives they want to live.

I will start to put this out in different spaces over the coming week and beyond, with the launch of the new website for the new moon. So watch this (and other) spaces - as I start to birth this new name, new identity, new space.

This week's classes are all about releasing the old - old emotions, anything that no longer serves. Using the energies of the final quarter of the moon to release anything holding us back from expanding, growing, evolving. And then to move to that place of rest, of relaxation, of stillness. To allow us to integrate all we're transforming before we move forward with action to the new. Classes this week are on Wednesday at 5.45pm and Thursday at 7.15pm and moving back to Monday & Wednesday next week with a new time of 7.15pm for the Monday class. Wednesday staying at 5.45pm.

Sending you much love and support in these challenging and exciting times as we start to birth the new. I look forward to seeing you online (or perhaps in person!) soon xx

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