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Why Kundalini Yoga?

To start off the blog I thought I'd give you some reasons why you'd want to do kundalini yoga:

1. You feel good after a class - physically, mentally, can really change you even after 1 class

2. You'll relax and sleep better - the more physical the class, the deeper the sleep. You will also learn how to relax more deeply, aiding better sleep

3. You'll start to handle your emotions better - you'll start to get tools to manage better when things get tough

4. Kundalini yoga is for all ages, all abilities, all walks of life.

5. It'll help you to see where you're afraid, where you're resisting change, where you're out of alignment with yourself, and give you the strength and willpower to live your best life

6. Kundalini yoga cleanses and detoxes your entire system. By working on the glands and nervous systems you can renew your entire body through kundalini yoga

7. Kundalini yoga works on your core, helping you to build strength, power and stability

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